Chapter 291

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The ‘so happy I can’t sleep’ night.
The night of the tea party day. Thinking about the many things I will be talking with Mariel-chan from now on, I couldn’t fall asleep.

“Cristea, looks happy.”

Mashiro whom I was mofumofuing next to me said.

“Eh, yeah? You can tell?”

Nihehe, I answered with the non-feminine laugh I couldn’t stop.

“Umu, the magical power I feel is comfortable. Something good must have happened, right?”

Kurogane who has cuddled up in a ball at my feet pointed out.

“You see, I finally made a girl friend. Moreover, it seems that we will be able to talk about many things!”
“Ah, the missy you have invited today for a tea? I see, you were able to get close… alright, I will protect that missy as much as possible, for Lord’s sake.”
“Thank you, Kurogane.”
“But, protecting Lord takes priority, alright?”
“Yeah, I’m still happy though.”

He turned away pretending to lie down, but his tail is wagging. Is he bashful?

“I will help to protect her too.”
“Fufu, thanks to you too, Mashiro.”
“Doing what makes Cristea happy is my duty. I will exterminate that makes Cristea sad.”
“Exterminate, you say… err, I would like you to restrain from that.”

Mashiro occasionally says some extreme stuff, doesn’t he? Where does he learn such words, I wonder?

“So, Lord. What kind of missy has become your friend?”
“Let’s see, she’s the daughter of Baron Mayor, her name is Mariel-sama and she’s an adorable person. Her Otousama is a successful rising noble who runs a large company. Even our house apparently purchases many things from them.”
“Hou, a merchant’s daughter, huh.”

Right, they are merchants who climbed up to the ranks of nobles, so they stand out as “Wealthy nobles who got the peerage with money”. Mariel-chan apparently disliked the idea of becoming a noble, but she couldn’t avoid it after Baron Mayor reasoned with her with words similar to “We are able to promote our products to the nobility easier this way, so it’s a mixed blessing”. His commercial spirit is strong. The company probably wouldn’t grow that big without the greed of such extent.

“I would like to take a look at the Mayor Company in the near future. I would like to get Mariel-sama to show me around and maybe do some shopping around the town with her.”
“Umu, Lord hasn’t gone out except the royal palace after coming here. The royal capital is lively, so Lord would surely enjoy it.”
“We will escort you, so everything will be fine!”
“Fufu, thank you.”

Window shopping with a friend! I am looking to do things like this and that with a friend that I couldn’t do before.
Mariel-chan is a miss of the company and it seems that she knows the popular streets, so it would be surely fun.

Besides, it’s even more wonderful as we are both reincarnated people. Former Japanese at that! There are some signs of rotting around her, but I also was a light otaku before, so I have no problems being friends with a kifujin.
If she’d like, we could confirm the present situation with our mutual past life knowledge. Mariel-chan might have some information about this world after all.

If this was a world from a light novel, I who is the Duke’s daughter would be the villainess, Mariel-chan who is the Baron’s daughter would be the heroine, and it would develop into the ‘serves you right’ ending. What would happen if those two would become friends?
I must consider seriously consulting with Mariel-chan about this.

While thinking about that, I fell into a deep sleep who knows when.

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