Chapter 292

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Meeting Baron Mayor.
On the promised day of the meeting, Baron Mayor accompanied by Mariel-chan came to our house.

“Duke Ellisfeed-sama, thank you very much for your constant patronage of our company. I appreciate your consent regarding our visit today.”

Baron Mayor was a slightly plump man with brown hair and eyes. As a former merchant, no, because he’s a merchant even now, he lowered his back but I didn’t feel any servility. He gives off the feeling of a gentle-looking uncle.
Although I say that, he got to the top of a huge company and even climbed up to the ranks of Baron peerage, so he must be a capable person.

“Umu. I trust your company because you sell quality products at reasonable prices. Now then, I heard today’s business is about something Cristea gave to your daughter?”

Otousama went straight to the point as he was tight on time.

“Y, yes. The other day, my daughter had the honor to be invited to a tea party by Cristea-sama. I wanted to talk about the item that was enclosed in the envelope together with the letter. Mariel, take it out.”
“Oh! Yes! This is it.”

Urged by Baron Mayor, Mariel-chan took out the sachet from before.

“This is?”
“H, herbs were put inside of this. It gives off a very nice fragrance.”
“Cristea, explain.”

I explained instead of Mariel-chan who was too nervous to talk.

“Yes. As I was choosing a letter set to send Mariel-sama, I found out that they are all from Mayor Company, so thinking that Mariel-sama’s enjoyment would be halved, I came up with something different. I, coincidentally, thought of enclosing the fragrance of herbs into a sachet made from cloth.”

I used my past life’s “Fumikou” as reference.

“Enclosing the fragrance?”
“Yes. I thought it would be wonderful if the gentle, sweet scent released out the moment the seal got opened.”
“That’s right! I smelled the scent of herbs the moment I opened the invitation and it made me feel very happy! Then, I was so happy I carried the sachet on me, but everyone praised me that I smell nice!”

Mariel-chan said somewhat excitedly.

Was her switch turned on all of sudden?

“Mariel, calm down. You see, I was interested in it and when I asked my daughter, she said that she received it from Cristea-sama.”
“Fumu. It certainly smells nice.”

Taking the sachet in his hand, Otousama sniffed the fragrance. Oh, didn’t his glabella relax a little?

“Otousama. I enclosed it in a letter this time, but you can also leave it in a closet or it can help you relax by placing it near a pillow, you can enjoy it in various ways.”
“Hou, is that so?”
“Yes! That’s correct! Noticing the potential of this sachet, I was convinced that it would sell!”

Hearing my explanation, Baron Mayor excitedly continued.

“I would like to sell this in our company by all means! Therefore, I have wanted to request Cristea-sama, who came up with the idea, for permission to monopolize the sales in our company. What do you think?”

Baron Mayor, you are too close, too close, too close.
You are sidling up too close!

“Cristea. If it’s just about permission, you didn’t need me here, no?”

Otousama seems to find this bothersome. No but, wouldn’t YOU get angry if I did as I please?

“That might be the case, but… I have a proposition before giving permission. I have wanted Otousama to be the witness.”

Baron Mayor and Mariel-chan listened with interest, while Otousama’s glabella deepened as if saying “I hope you won’t say something bothersome again”.

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