Chapter 293

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Presentation. Part 1
“I called it a proposition, but it’s nothing difficult. Baron Mayor, if I give you a permission for the selling of this sachet, what do you intend to do about the manufacturing?”

I inquired from Baron Mayor with a smile.

“Err, yes. Anyhow, I thought that I might not receive the permission, so I haven’t thought about it deeply yet, but… I’m thinking of gathering people who are good at sewing and having them give it a try first.”

Flustered by the sudden question, Baron Mayor replied.

“Umm, the plan was for my Mother and I to make test pieces first.”

Mariel-chan who raised her hand answered.

“Is that so? The test pieces aside, I believe it would be difficult to secure workers and materials for the mass production, what do you think?”
“Indeed, overseeing a small production team while securing all kinds of things would be the best way to progress.”

Baron Mayor replied while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“That’s where my proposition comes in. Wouldn’t you consider making these goods a charity project?”
“””Charity project?”””

While being stared at by everyone, Cristea continued talking.

“I’m talking about requesting an abbey to produce the sachets. I believe there are many people who are good at sewing at abbeys. If we request those people, we will be able to secure high-quality products. In return, we would split a part of the proceeds with the abbey.”
“I see.”

Hmm, hmm, Baron Mayor listened with a great interest.

“As for the material, things like scraps are enough. These things can be made with small pieces of cloth that would be usually thrown away. How about having tailors donate their scraps that are garbage in their eyes to us? Mass producing the same would not be possible, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t sell the same product twice.”
“I see! The materials left to purchase would be the inexpensive threads and needles.”
“Yes. And while selling, you could advertise for the contribution of scraps. And by selling, the buyers would also participate in the charity.”
“Fumu. You mean that noble madams and ladies would feel happy to participate in charity simply by purchasing?”
“That’s it. I think the Mayor Company won’t profit much from it, but a project like this would surely produce an unexpected yet effective advertisement.”
“That, indeed, might be so.”

Umumu, Baron Mayor started pondering. The profits would be little, but I believe this to be a good thing for a rising Baron.

To be frank, Miria made that sachet in front of me in no time. In fact, after that, Miria got into sachet making, so there are many sachets of various sizes in both Miria’s and my rooms.
For that reason, I think that with something this simple, we will be able to secure a low price for the mass production from those good at sewing, plus sachets with an added embroidery or patchwork could sell for even more. Each young lady has a different taste from embroidery and abbey would definitely have one or two people who are good at that.
I want to use people like that.
… It’s impossible for me though?
I, I think being the right person at the right time suits me just fine, yeah.

Besides, the present situation is that abbeys can’t operate without donations. Fundraising is tough and gathering donations is difficult, so I heard from Okaasama.
Since charity is one of the matters of concerns and interests for the nobility, it should be easy for them to get on board if advertised as a simple way to donate. Besides, I also think it’s not good for the abbey to just wait for the donations to come.
I think that it will be an encouragement for the outcome they want.

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