Chapter 294

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Presentation. Part 2
After having thought for a while, Baron Mayor looked at me decisively.

“Cristea-sama, I think that I would like to go ahead with your idea. Although the profits from the sales of the sachets would be small, it will return later as a big profit in a different way.”

Yes, yes. He’s got the “Lose some, gain more” mind.

Well then, shall we go with the last proposition?

“Otousama, I would like to donate all of the money I will earn from the royalties to the charity. Would that be all right with you?”

Baron Mayor and Mariel-chan looked at me in surprise.

“You are fine with that?”

After a while of silence, Otousama inquired to make sure.

“Yes. It’s something I made on a whim in the first place. It’s the Mayor Company intends to tie it to a business. Baron Mayor listened to my selfish charity proposition, so I would like to recompense him.”

I replied with a smile.

“Cristea-sama, how wonderfully kind-hearted you are…”

Baron Mayor said, deeply moved.

No, no, I am not that wonderful, really.
Even though I made it on a whim, you wanted to pay me money just for that idea, that really felt painful. I mean, even though those sachets may be easy to make, won’t the people mass producing them have it difficult from now on?
It might be my proposition, mass-producing something like this for someone like me who has no embroidery or sewing sense would be impossible. Absolutely impossible. Therefore, in order to express my respect for those people, I think I would like to donate in such a manner.

“If you are fine with it, then I don’t mind. Baron Mayor, please do as she said. However, make sure to periodically report how much of my daughter’s part was donated.”
“Y, yes! Certainly!”

As expected of Otousama, he understands.
I don’t think that Baron Mayor is someone who would fill his pockets like this, but that was just in case because he’s dealing with a child like me.
Otousama who is of a higher status than Baron Mayor and my guardian wanted to prevent injustice… I think.

“Well then, I will promptly come up with a contract, so we will excuse ourselves. I will bring it in the near future.”
“I will let my wife cooperate with the abbey. She has some knowledge about this stuff, so I will have her write a letter of introduction.”
“Thank you very much for everything. Well then, see you another day.”

I stopped Mariel-chan who bowed and wanted to follow after the leaving Baron Mayor.

“Mariel-sama, please come by again. Please stay longer the next time? I would like to talk with you slowly.”

Yes, thoroughly about our past lives.

“Y, yes! Gladly, gladly! Thank you very much!”

Mariel-chan must have had the same feelings as she replied delightfully.

“I am glad, well then. Here you go. A souvenir. It’s just a little though…”

I handed her a wrapped up object. When I whispered “It’s Dorayaki” to her, she extremely joyfully hugged it close to her chest and replied “I will eat it alone like a treasure!”. She was skipping a little while walking, so she must have been quite happy.
Fufu, this taste of nostalgia, please enjoy!

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