Chapter 33

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It’s only when I’m restrained by tiredness that I want to do various things.
“Hahh… so much happened yesterday and today that I’m exhausted…”

My hands busily worked while I breathed a sigh.

The kitchen has been already tidied up and only Shin who stood a watch over me and Miria who was helping me remained.

“I should be feeling exhausted by being dragged around by you…”

Shin seems to be slightly tired from yesterday’s shopping.

“My, keeping a woman company while she’s shopping is just like that, isn’t it?”

That was very normal in my past life.

“That mouth of yours… in your case, rather than being a woman you are a bit… no, quite different.”
“Muh? How rude.”

Am I being treated like a child? If you say something like that to a lady, you won’t be forgiven, you know? I’m actually a child though.

“How to say it… it’s close to desperately trying to stop a wild horse.”

Miria too, ahh… she nodded in agreement.

“I’m not even treated like a person!”

My goodness… Miria-san, Shin-san, thank you for your hard work! Wild horse… un, it’s not like I don’t understand that expression!
Yesterday’s shopping had a “No one, who he or she may be will be able to stop me! Hyahaha~!” mentality. I had no self-respect. I had no will to have it either.
Self-respect stayed at home. Please don’t look for it.

However, as a result of that, a mountain of treasures appeared before me!! It’s here!! Hyahaha~!!
Tonight’s dinner is pork… I meant orc soup and baked onigiri I promised Otousama. I found burdock roots which are supposed to be put in the orc soup sold as a medicine on the market. Everyone was shocked because I freely used herbs to cook. It had the appearances of a tree root though. Does it really have any healing effects, can it even be used in a dish… it makes you think like that, doesn’t it… though I have used it. In that case, I could have made kinpira too.

And as I thought, Otousama is Japanese cuisine fool… he asked for seconds with great vigor. I’m happy about that, head chef ate the leftovers and the rest of the servants were really pitiful as they were crying. I, I’m sorry…

Otousama requested it for tomorrow as well, so after the meal, I prepared a large number of ingredients and cooked it together in a stockpot.
Okaasama was amazed by Otousama and me though…
As I thought, pork… orc soup is more delicious when there’s a lot, right!
Starting with the head chef, some people were peeking at the pot, but it’s not the time yet, okay? You too Otousama, okay?

While it’s cooking, I tried making ginger syrup using honey because I obtained ginger, clove, and cinnamon too. I’m thinking of having Okaasama who is sensitive to cold drink it.
Ah~… even though I could drink ginger ale if I had carbonated water~ I would make it every year during the ginger season, I loved drinking spicy ginger ale, didn’t I? It would be nice if there was a carbonated water spring somewhere… that or if I had baking soda…

While absentmindedly thinking, I soaked orc meat in ginger miso. Ah, if I put this together with the orc soup, the orc meat would be overpowered… let’s pickle it tomorrow at a good opportunity and store it in the inventory to eat on a different day.

Since there was rice left, I made onigiri and baked them in miso.
I’m so pleased to have gotten my hands on miso, so I unconsciously made miso-flavored menu… not good, not good.
If I only present miso, everyone will get quickly bored with its taste, so I will store this in the inventory too.

Next year, my dormitory life at the academy will begin, so I will surely miss the taste of home… or rather, I will yearn for Japanese food, so stocking the inventory full is the plan. Inventory is a hyperspace so it apparently has no flow of time, but whether really hot things will stay hot and cold things cold is currently in the middle of verification. Fufufu…

“Cristea-sama, you seem tired, how about taking a break for today…?”

Miria worriedly asked while looking at my villainess-like smile. I feel like her concern comes from a slightly different direction, but I’m certainly tired, and it seems that I will fall into a loop that will make me cook forever, so I decided to clean up after storing the incomplete orc soup into the inventory so Otousama and others wouldn’t sneakily steal a bite and went to rest.

Fuaah… good night…

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