Chapter 444.2

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This is incomprehensible, you know?
“Umu, it’s as Mashiro said. You guys are acting a little too spoiled with our lord. I know that you can be considered friends, but you have got to learn to mind your own business.”

Kurgoane’s comment startled me so much, I let out my voice in shock, but Sei stopped me.

“No, it’s okay Miss Cristea. We certainly are indulging in your kindness. I will be careful not to bother you too much while we are here… however, I want to learn cooking from you. I want to learn at least a little so that I can reduce the burden put on you, Miss Cristea.”

When Sei said so, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama both felt despondent.
It’s the truth that I sympathized with Sei and others in regards to the situation they were put in and ended up spoiling them a little. And because of that, I made Mashiro and Kurogane sad, failing as their master… I have to reflect on that, too.
However, I can’t help but see myself, who cannot return to my previous world, in Sei who can’t even go back to his hometown carefreely.
I have my family and food, but Sei left everything important to him behind when he crossed the sea from the far away Yahatul.
If it weren’t for the four divine beasts that were contracted to him when he left Yahatul, Sei might have spent his entire life alone in this foreign country… I can’t bear to think about it.
So, as Sei’s friend, I want to do what I can to help him.

“I never thought of you guys as a burden, though. However, learning to cook is not a bad thing, and because it’s for your own good, I will teach you properly.”
“For our own good…?”
“Yes, anybody gets irritated when hungry. But, everyone feels happy when they fill your stomach with good food, right? Don’t you think it would be splendid if you could make such delicious food yourself?”

When I said that playfully, Sei chuckled.

“Indeed, we all feel happier after eating the food you cooked, Miss Cristea. We will do our best to return that happiness as well.”
“We will… you mean us too?”
“Oh my, of course he meant us two as well. Cristea-sama, I would like to be able to make delicious puddings for my Lord, so please teach me well!”
“Eh, yeah… sure.”


In Suzaku-sama’s case, I feel that she wants to learn so that she could eat it herself… oh well.

“Why don’t we get to the kitchen right away? If this stupid tiger doesn’t want to eat, let him return to our room first.”
“Stop calling me stupid! I can, more or less, cook too! I just have to learn how to season things properly and stuff!”
“All you can do is cut and grill! You have no delicacy!”

When I tried following the bickering Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama to the kitchen with Sei, Mashiro stood next to me and grasped my hand.

“If I learn how to cook, will you… eat it?”
“Umu, I shall learn too so that I can make my Lord feel happy.”
“Kurogane… you fools, I’m happiest when others enjoy my food. But yeah. It will be fun learning with everyone. Come on, let’s go too.”

I held hands with Mashiro and Kurogane, and we headed for the kitchen.

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