Chapter 112

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(Elder Brother PoV) Decided on that.
“… The thing the woman from a little while ago was looking at, just what is it?”

Prince Ray also didn’t mind and inquired from the shopkeeper.

“Ahh… what she was looking at is most likely this.”

He took a slightly larger jar than what the woman had in his hands.
I opened the lid and looked inside, but I couldn’t make out what the thing inside was.

“Has something like this been recently popular with women…?”

Prince Ray also didn’t comprehend and grimaced at the smell.

“No, this is an article the Ellisfeed House has been recently looking for.”
“The daughter of the Duke Ellisfeed, Cristea-sama has shown favor for our company, you see… this article is what the young lady has been looking for.”

Does he not know that I’m Ellisfeed House’s person that he let out our family’s name in his sales talk…?

From what I heard, it’s already commonly known in the capital that this Bastea Company is the Ellisfeed House’s purveyor.
Then there’s no wonder he would give our name, huh…

“I see. Then, I will buy all of it.”
“Eh? B, but this is…”

The shopkeeper panicked at Prince Ray’s declaration.

“This fellow is that very Ducal House’s eldest son. I’m his friend and I’m currently staying at his house, so I would like to present this as a way to show my gratitude.”
“I, is that so! In that case, I will gift wrap it. I will serve you tea while you wait, come this way please!”

Discovering that I’m a person from the Duke’s family, he urged us in a panic.

While viewing the flustered state of the shopkeeper, my gaze stopped in a certain section of the store.

It was a section with Yahatul ornaments.
I went there as if lured by it, picked one up and examined it.
Among them, I found one piece which seemed to be suitable for Cristea.

… Yeah, Cristea will be surely happy with this.

“Excuse me, could you wrap this for me, please? It’s a gift.”

I handed it together with the payment to an employee that passed by.

I can’t feel Cristea’s magical power anymore. She probably warped away after noticing our presences. While feeling sorry for disturbing Cristea’s shopping, I felt a bit relieved as I was able to do some good shopping myself.

After a while, I received a cutely wrapped ornament from the employee and I put it away in my pocket.

… I hope she will like it.

I unconsciously spilled a smile as I imagined Cristea’s joyful face.

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