Chapter 111

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(Elder Brother PoV) Purpose of the inspection.
The carriage which took us to the town soon arrived to the place of our destination.

“We have arrived at the Bastea Company.”

The driver informed us of our arrival.

Because we are traveling incognito, the carriage isn’t a luxurious one with the crest of Ducal house, but an ordinary one.
… Let’s propose to father to at least do something about the carriage seats. I descended from the carriage with a slightly painful bottom.

“Hee… you couldn’t tell from its appearances that it’s a Yahatul store.”

Prince Ray who got off after me said while looking up at the building.

“Indeed. But, not only ingredients, they seem to sell ornaments and works of art from Yahatul as well.”
“That so? Let’s enter first!”

Prince Ray entered the store in high and proud spirits.

As for me, I was unrest because I felt Cristea’s magical power from inside.

… Oh crap, Cristea’s purpose of going to the town was this place, huh. Even though I thought she wouldn’t come here because I heard that the Bastea Company regularly goes in and out of our mansion.

When I entered after Prince Ray, I was captivated by the exotic interior that was completely different from the store’s outside appearance.
Giving a sidelong glance along the unusual tapestry, I couldn’t see Cristea’s figure within the shop.

Good. I wonder if she were guided to a parlor for a business talk? I heard she will be disguised, but there’s no way the people of the Bastea Company who received her favor wouldn’t recognize her.
Feeling a bit relieved, I decided to look around the store.

When I looked to the deeper part of the store, there was a preceding visitor.
It was a sensual beauty with burning-like red hair. She wore a man’s clothes, but I could clearly tell it was a woman from the feminine figure the clothes weren’t able to conceal. She was just holding a small jar in her hands.

“What a destructively beautiful woman.”

Prince Ray stealthily whispered to my ear in the quiet store. Even though he said it in a low voice, it appears that he was heard. That woman noticed us, lightly nodded and left. Since she went towards the inner part, was she a member of the store’s staff?

“Welcome. Are you looking for something?”

A person walked from within the store’s inner part. The woman from before must have informed him.

“Yeah, it’s nothing specific, but… I heard this place has a wonderful selection of Yahatul goods. I came to look whether you have something interesting.”
“Is that right?”

We planned to travel incognito with garments that would allow us to blend into the town, but it appears the shopkeeper judged us as guests of honor as he had a friendly smile from the beginning to the end.

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