Chapter 110

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(Elder Brother PoV) Purpose of the Inspection

In the carriage going to the town under the guise of inspection.
How many times has Prince Ray already sighed?

“What’s the matter, Prince Ray? Why are you sighing so much?”

I know the reason though.

“N? … Ahh… since we are finally going to the town, I thought of taking Miss Cristea along, but…”

Seriously, one must constantly be on guard with him. As soon as I learned of the inspection this morning, he was already inviting Cristea to go with us

“It can’t be helped since she had a business to take care of, right?”

… Her business was to go to the town just like us though.
Our destination is the same, but this is Cristea we are talking about, she will surely walk around while avoiding us.

Even though I wanted to go together with her on this occasion… going together in this confined carriage together with Prince Ray would be a bit… you know?
I have no doubt that Prince Ray wanted to shorten the distance with Cristea during the carriage ride.

… I wonder if Cristea and others are already in town?
She said they would go by warping after all…

I wonder if I could learn warp magic myself?
If I could use it, I would be able to return more often…

“…-man, oy, Norman?”
“Eh…? … Ah, excuse me. I got a bit absentminded.”
“How unusual. For you to be absentminded.”
“You think so?”

Indeed, because I usually brace myself in order to guard Prince Ray, being absentminded isn’t like me. I wonder if I’m relaxing my mind because I returned home?

“Sorry about that. I will pay attention.”
“No, it’s fine. Relax while you are at home. You are always doing more than your best. I also want to have fun while away from the capital. Rather than inspecting, I want to keep playing.”

Prince Ray smiled. I can’t hate this about him.

“You say that, but you always live according to your whims.”

It’s my turn to sigh now.

“No, you don’t understand. In the royal palace, I’m constantly being nagged to behave as the Crown Prince and the next King so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of the citizens and in the academy. I’m constantly being nagged to live as an exemplary student without relying on my social position… I have no time to rest.”

Because there is no one here but me, his back slid down the couch and his posture crumbled.
By the way, it’s I who keeps nagging him in the academy.

“Prince Ray, that is not proper. You don’t know who might be watching from where, so please don’t lose your focus.”

It’s not something someone who was absentminded just a little while should be saying though.

“Yeah, yeah… ah, right Norman. I thought of asking this before, but…”
“What is it?”
“I thought of buying a souvenir for Miss Cristea, but what do you think she would be pleased with?”
“… Who knows, I wonder what would be good? I was in the midst of thinking about that too. She would be pleased with anything I buy, so it makes me worried instead.”

Even though our destination is the same, I thought of giving something to Cristea.
Did Prince Ray think the same thing?

“… Hmmm. What do you plan on doing about it?”
“She has been interested in Yahatul recently, so I thought of buying some article from Yahatul.”
“Ahh… come to think of it, the ingredients she used were mostly from Yahatul as well.”
“Yes. There’s a store that recently became popular in the capital called Bastea Company. It deals with goods from Yahatul, so I thought about buying something there.”
“Alright! I will choose something there for her too! Let’s visit that store first!”

Prince Ray cheerfully conveyed the destination to the driver.

Are you intending to make me help you choose? Seriously…

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