Chapter 109

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I have come to collect it!
“W, which reminds me! Byakko-sama? I want to receive the promised thing, though!?”

I who couldn’t stand the tepid gazes decided to ask about the object of my purpose to coming here.

“Come on! Have you forgotten? About umeboshi!”

Right, I was disappointed when he didn’t deliver umeboshi to my room yesterday evening as I was expecting.

“Ah? … Ah~… that thing. Sorry, I have completely forgotten about it.”
“You have said you don’t like them, so I have been expecting this. Thus, I have come to get it.”

The long-awaited umeboshi. If you won’t come then I will come to you!

“Just how much were you looking forward to it… that thing is super sour and salty, it’s not even tasty, right~?”

Byakko-sama doesn’t seem to like them, but isn’t that just fine! Ah, just by thinking about them… I drooled… not good, not good.

“Ahh, umeboshi was your purpose of coming, huh. I thought of giving you a few.”
“Lord, I will go get it.”
“Ah, sorry. I will leave it to you.”
“Cristea-sama, please wait a moment, okay?”

Saying such, Suzaku-sama left the room while humming funfufuun.

“Ah… if the company’s person has it, I should have just went to him…”

I intended to buy more things, so going to the shopkeeper was within my plans.

“Ah, then how about going?”
“… Yeah, let’s do that.”

Just when I received Sei’s proposal and went towards the door.
Suzaku-sama rushed over with great vigor.


Lethal weapons once again. The pressure was as great as the vigor. My, my neck…

“You! You did it to Lord again!”
“It was unavoidable this time!”

Suzaku-sama justified in panic at Kurogane complaints.

“I’m truly sorry, Cri… no, please come this way first.”

Suzaku-sama carried me away just like that, but umm, I can’t breathe…!

Suzaku-sama finally let me down after taking a distance from the door and concededly informed me who was gasping for air.

“I’m truly sorry about this… are you all right? Just now, His Highness’ troupe arrived at the company. It would be better to stay in this room for the time being.”
“… Eh?”
“… Shall we set up a barrier just in case?”
“His Highness, a boy who is most likely his attendant and several guards slightly far away from him are here.”
“… I see. You are disguised today, so it would be bad if he caught Miss Cristea in these appearances. I don’t know how it would be in town, but color-changing magic wouldn’t be enough not to recognize Miss Cristea in this narrow place. You did good telling us, Suzaku.”
“I’m glad I made it in time.”

His Highness the Crown Prince? Oniisama too? Right now, at this Bastea Company!? Wait a moment, why are they here!?
… If it’s Oniisama, then didn’t he already notice my presence…!

Who is it!? Who is the carefree person who said something about avoiding them!!… It was me!

… Why are they here of all placessss!?

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