Chapter 458.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My relationship with Oniisama.
We moved to the desired floor using a small warping room and soon arrived in the room we had reserved.
The maid who was waiting in front of the room opened the door and led us inside, where we found a well-furnished room.
After the finished serving the tea Oniisama had prepared, he told her not to approach unless she was called for.
And after the maid closed the door behind her, he touched the magic circle on the door. Then, with a flash, the magic circle glowed for a moment, and I realized that some kind of magic had been triggered in the room.

“I activated the soundproofing spell just in case. It’s not possible to use locks or barrier magic in the salon building because it’s against the rules, but if you want to avoid leaking information, you can use this. If you want to call for a maid, you can use this magic tool to do so.”

Oniisama pointed to the magic tool on the table as he spoke.
I see, the magic circle drawn on the door is a soundproofing device for private conversations.
I guess it means that locking the door or using barrier magic is dangerous in case there is some kind of emergency, so you shouldn’t use it.
If you make it into a completely closed off room, it might become a secret meeting place for couples.
People might have a fiancé or fiancée, but we are all currently unmarried, so…
And so, when the time comes, you can use a magic tool to summon a maid. Yep, I will remember this.
After Oniisama finished briefly explaining the equipment, he sat down on the sofa facing us and exhaled slowly.

“… Where should I start? Cristea, what were you told and by whom?”

… Ah, Oniisama is quite enraged.
Normally, he would be angry with me with a smile on his face, but now my Oniisama was expressionless.
It’s not often that I see Oniisama like this, so I was disturbed.
Oh no, this is not good.
If I told him that Alicia-san, the blonde drills girl had spoken out against Oniisama in this state, would Alicia-san have to leave the academy as soon as she entered!?
But even with our status of the Duke’s household, he just cannot ruin a young lady of the Marquis’ household… right?… I think.
I’m afraid that Otousama and Oniisama might do it, though.

“Erm… umm, that…”

When Mariel-chan saw that I was hesitant to say anything because I was afraid that it would upset Oniisama, she spoke up after making up her mind.


“Umm!… I, I told her. I told her that you and Cristea-sama can get engaged. I apologize! I, I didn’t think… that Cristea-sama wasn’t aware of that…”

What does she mean? What do I not know?
Oniisama was stunned, and His Highness sitting next to him seemed to be somewhat flustered when he saw how Oniisama was acting.
I filled my head with question marks and looked at Mariel-chan, who was looking down, and Oniisama shook his head with a troubled look on his face.

“No… it’s not your fault. It’s not like it was a secret. You couldn’t know that Cristea didn’t know. This is our fault for not informing Cristea properly.”

Eh? What? What is it?
I couldn’t control my anxiety as I looked at Oniisama and Mariel-chan.
Oniisama closed his eyes momentarily and looked straight into my eyes.

“Cristea… we are not real siblings.”
“… Eh?”

Me and Oniisama are not real siblings!?
Surely not… am I perhaps not from the Ellisfeed family!? Was I taken in? Did they actually find me under a bridge or something!?

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