Chapter 457.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Blonde drills girl again.
At His Highness’ side? Me? Lingering around?
… No, I think His Highness is the one who is actively trying to get closer to me, though?? That’s a complete misunderstanding!
I wanted to argue, but I was afraid that if I made a bad comment, it would be disrespectful to His Highness, so I kept quiet.
I’m sure the blonde-haired drills girl took my attitude as a sign that she was right, and continued as if she had won.

“Your brother is the only one who would be interested in having the rumored Repulsive food eating lady as his fiancée. It would be for the best if you didn’t think you could become the Crown Princess!”
“… Eh?”

How did Oniisama came up in the conversation?
Ah, is Oniisama famous for being a siscon? Ehhh…

“Now that you know, stop following His Highness around, alright?”

Hohoho… The blonde-haired drills girl returned to the girl’s dormitory with her cronies, smiling with a high, childish smile.

“… Cristea-sama, are you okay?”
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to make things worse for you… are you alright?”

Mariel-chan and Sei looked at me worriedly.

“Yeah, well… that person directed her hostility towards me at the examination as well, just who is she?”
“Eh? You are not aware? She’s Alicia Gruzier. Lady of Marquis Gruzier’s household.”
“Marquis Gruzier’s household…”

I think they are nobles from the western territory?
From the look of her, I’d say she’s a potential fiancée for His Highness. Her family is a good match….
I see, so it’s about that.
So she couldn’t stand to see me, who suddenly appeared, being close with His Highness…
If that’s the case, I can understand how she feels, but she didn’t have to say it in such a bad way.
It’s a child’s opinion, and I thought it might be immature for me, a mentally mature adult with a previous life, to argue against her, but it was indeed unpleasant.

“Why is she so hostile to Miss Cristea, whom she has never met?”

Sei’s question was plausible.
To answer that question, Mariel-chan spoke up.

“The other nobles thought that Miss Cristea would not be a candidate for His Highness’ fiancé because she had been living in her fief since she was a child due to her inability to control her magical power, and because the Duke had turned down His Majesty down shortly after she was born.”

Yeah. You’re right, Mariel-chan.
In fact, it’s a good thing that he did.
I have no intention of being his fiancée.

“In the past few years, the stability of Cristea-sama’s magical power and, well, the bad rumors about her cooking and vice versa have been circulating, and when His Highness went to the Ellisfeed territory for an inspection, and she acted friendly with His Highness at the New Year’s party, it was speculated that she might have returned as a potential fiancée candidate again… That’s why it was even more difficult to get rid of the bad reputation of the example…”

I see, and then the unveiling that I was the Sacred Beast contractor at the entrance ceremony, and the fact that I was so friendly with His Highness who was together with my Oniisama quickly attracted a lot of hate. Wow, what a mess.

“However, it was rude of her to say to get engaged to Oniisama even as a joke.”


It doesn’t matter how much of a siscon my Oniisama is. It’s a slanderous thing to say.

“Eh, but Cristea-sama and Norman-sama can get engaged, no?”
“… What?… Umm…”

We can get engaged? What does she mean?
I thought that the Doristan Kingdom didn’t allow incestuous marriage.


While I was being confused, Oniisama and His Highness returned.

“…? What is it?”

Noticing that I was in a weird state, Oniisama ran over.

“Oniisama, I heard that we can get engaged?”
“Wha…! Who told you!?”

Oniisama looked at Mariel-chan and Sei with a furious look.

“Hieh! P, please forgive me, I…”

Mariel-chan was apologizing with a pale face, so I hurriedly interrupted.

“It’s not her fault! I was told so by another person, and Mariel-chan only explained more.”

Oniisama let out a deep sigh, seemingly suppressing his emotions in response to my restraint.

“… We cannot talk about this here, let’s move to the room.”
“Oh… okay.”

We headed to the room we had reserved in an awkward atmosphere.

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