Chapter 457.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Blonde drills girl again.
On our way to the salon building, Oniisama gave us a brief explanation of the general education building that the elementary students would be using for the time being and showed us how to get to the practical training building, etc. After that, we entered the salon building to have lunch together.
There was a cafeteria on the first floor of the salon building, which was built between the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, and this is where everyone basically eats their meals.
There are other cafeteria-like spaces scattered throughout the school, but they are used by students of specialized courses who don’t have time to go back to the salon building to eat, and by nobles to have tea between classes.
On the first floor of the salon building, above the dining room, there are private rooms and halls for private tea parties and discussions.
This is where the children of noble families hold tea parties to learn how to behave and socialize as nobles.
Of course, it can also be used as a place to just have a pleasant chat with close friends.
The facility is used for other purposes as well.
It is a place where the children of lowly nobles and commoners, who will be employed after graduation, can practice their skills in order to get jobs as butlers, maids, and attendants.
If they have the seal of approval that they’ve earned a high reputation here, they can get a good job placement.
So Adelia Academy is both a social gathering place and a vocational training school.

“Tea, are you sure you don’t want to order food?”
“Yes, I am. I’ll provide the food, if you’d like get only some tea.”

The members here know that I have an inventory, so I decided to take some out of my stockpile.
After a hard day of exams, it’s not good to have a greasy lunch.
Mariel-chan, who was standing next to me, nodded her head with a very nice smile.

“All right, then. I’ll go inform the receptionist, and you guys can wait here.”
“Hey, I’m coming with you. I’ll let them use the tea leaves I keep in my room.”

We had to wait in the upstairs hall while Oniisama and His Highness Prince Raymond went to the reception.
Oh, tea leaves for the royal family… I’m sure it’s excellent tea, I’m looking forward to it.
With this in mind, I scanned the hall of the salon building, which I had never been in before.
There was a large chandelier hanging from the domed ceiling, and many small magic stones attached to it were glittering and illuminating the entire hall.
The paintings and furnishings on the walls were also quite impressive.

“It’s amazing. When I heard about the academy’s salon, I wondered what it would be like, but it’s really gorgeous.”

Mariel-chan chuckled and said.

“Yes, it is. It’s not as luxurious as the Ellisfeed family’s house, though. Most of the operating costs of the salon building are apparently covered by donations from the parents of the nobles who attend the academy.”

Heeeh, I see.
… Otousama might have donated a great deal of money to the academy.
According to Mariel-chan, who was briefed on the school before earlier, the second floor, in addition to the hall where we are now, has a reception area, an anteroom for the maids who actually work here besides the students, a special kitchen for preparing snacks and tea for the tea party, an elevator to move to the upper floors, and a warp room.
Of course, there are stairs to the upper floors, but it seems that the children of nobles rarely use them, because the higher-ranking nobles use the upper floors.
As I was looking down the corridor extending from the hall to the back with a brief explanation of the facilities, I saw an elevator coming down from the upper floor.
As I looked around to see if there was a guest, I saw the blonde-haired drills and her cronies coming out of the elevator.



I let out a small exclamation, and she looked at me as if she heard me.

“… You…”

The blonde-haired drills girl glared at me and walked up to me.

“I thought you were having a friendly chat with His Highness Prince Raymond and Norman-sama just now. But you’re having a tea party with someone else!? How disgraceful is that!”

What do you mean, “disgraceful”? How rude.
It’s normal to talk with your brother and his schoolmate, His Highness, and Sei is a fellow Saint Beast contractor living in the same dormitory.
It may not be admirable for a young lady of nobility to be friendly with a man who is not her fiancé, but you, an outsider who does not know what you are talking about, has no right to call me disgraceful.
Gununu… Ignoring my attempt to argue with her, she continued,

“I heard that your father turned down an offer to marry His Highness Prince Raymond as soon as you were born. That means that your father decided that you were not suitable to be his fiancée, right? But now that you’ve become a Saint Beast contractor, you’re still lingering around His Highness’ side…”
“… Huh?”

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