Chapter 456.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What was that about…
“It took you quite a while. Did something happen?”
“Yeah, something…”

It’s a little hard to explain here that I got a result that made the staff members suspect that the magic tool was broken.
After waiting for a while, it seemed that everyone’s magical power test was over, and the written test forms began to be handed out from the seats in front of us.
We hurriedly prepared our writing materials and waited for the signal to start the test.
The buzz in the air gradually died down, and by the time the examiner stood up on the stage, the place was silent.

“Turn over the blank form on my signal. If I find anyone cheating, you will be escorted out immediately. Now, let the test begin.”

At the same time as the signal, the sound of papers being flipped over resounded and was replaced by the scratching sound of answers being written.
Wow, this is so nostalgic. It was like I was back in my previous life as a student.
Well, the content of the exam is like that of a lower grade elementary school student, though…
I concentrated on the exam, trying to finish it as quickly as possible.

“That’s it. Put down your pens and do not touch your answer sheets until the invigilator collects them.”

Hearing the examiner’s signal to end, everyone put down their pens.
Haah, it’s finally done.
I had time to review it three times, but I still had too much time on my hands…
As a lady, I can’t just lie down on my desk and fall asleep.
In a sense, it was a painful process, because I had no choice but to lay down my answer sheet, straighten my posture and wait politely.
The rest of the time went by in a blur, though, as I had to think about everything from tonight’s dinner menu to preparing tomorrow’s breakfast.

“The results of the exam will be announced at a later date, and until then, you will all be taking the same course. This is the end for the day, so go back to your dormitory and have your meals. Some of the upperclassmen will have classes in the afternoon, so please do not disturb them by wandering around the campus. That’s all, dismissed.”

After the examiner’s explanation, the students left their seats and walked out of the auditorium with their friends.
As Sei and I remained in our seats to avoid the crowd, we saw someone coming from behind us, against the flow of people.

“Mariel-san! Long time no see.”

It’s really inconvenient. Even though we’re in the same academy, we can’t see each other easily because we’re in different dorms.

“Truly!… Ah, Se, Sei-sama, long time no see!”
“Hello, Miss Mariel.”

It seems that Marielle-chan is still uncomfortable around Sei.

“I’d like to talk to you about something… Can you spare some time today?”

N? She seems to have something serious to talk about… nono, it’s Mariel-chan, so she will probably be saying something like, “I ran out of emergency food!” in tears.
Cannot be helped…. ahh, but I made a promise with Oniisama today.

“Umm, I’m afraid I already made an appointment today…”
“Hey, you’re blocking my way! Would you please step aside?”

When I turned my attention to the sharp voice, I saw the blonde drills staring at me.

“Ah, p, pardon me…”

Mariel-chan was standing in the pathway, so she hurriedly jumped back.


The blonde drills girl ignored Mariel-chan and glared straight at me, then she puffed out her chest and left through the exit.
Seriously, what is up with that girl… I did not do anything to her, right?


“Umm, I wanted to talk with you about her, too…”

Mariel-chan whispered to me.


It seems that Mariel-chan knows something I don’t. I would love to listen, but I already made a prior appointment with Oniisama…

“You seem to be troubled about something, are you alright?”
“Oniisama! Your Highness, too!”
“No, Nononorman-sama and His Highness the Crown Prince Raymond??”

Before I knew it, my Oniisama was standing near us. I could hear the high-pitched voices coming from near the doorway.
When I looked there, I saw an attendant trying to lead the noisy leading students out.

“Oniisama, what is the matter?”
“Oh, we don’t have afternoon classes today. I told you I would show you around the academy after the exam, right?”

No, that doesn’t mean you have to pick me up from the exam venue⁇

“Ah, is that so… then, we shall talk at a later time, Cristea-sama.”

I grabbed Mariel-chan’s arm to stop her as she tried to leave.

“Oniisama, it’s fine for Mariel-san to go with us, right?”
“Yeah, I don’t really mind. Let’s have a meal at the salon building today. I reserved us a room.”
“Salon building?”

… That’s the building where the cafeteria is, right?

“The upper floor of the salon building has private rooms for private tea parties. I’ve reserved a room for the nobility, so I thought we could use it for lunch.”

Oniisama’s explanation reminded me that there was such a place.

“I told him that I had a yearly contract for my own room, so we could use that, though.”

Prince Ray complained, but the room that he said he had a yearly contract for was, by any chance, a private room reserved for the royal family, wasn’t it?
I don’t want to eat in a VIP room like that!

“No, I think I will be using a room over there in the future as well, so a normal room will do!”
“Yeah. That’s what I thought, so I made a reservation. Well, let’s go. Sei and Miss Mariel, come with us, too.”
“Y, yeyeyeyes! I shall take you up on your offer and intrude!”

Thus, Oniisama took us to the salon building.

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