Chapter 456.1

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What was that about…
The room was completely silent as the young lady with the vertical drills left the waiting room.

“… Was she your acquaintance, Miss Cristea?”

Sei, who was just as stunned as I was, inquired.

“No… I think this was the first time we met…”

Maybe she was at the New Year’s Friendship Party, but I didn’t have time to interact with her.

“Is it very common in the Doristan Kingdom for people to declare something like that to people you have never met before? … Is that the culture here?”
“I, I don’t believe so…”

… Probably.
Eh… is it? I didn’t hear about such culture before.
I think it’s bad manners for you to confirm who I am and then declare war on me without identifying yourself, though.

“Hmm, is it perhaps because you stood out during the entrance ceremony yesterday…?”

It’s impossible for me to spend my school life in peace and quiet if I’m viewed as a rival and having to fight over every little thing like that, no…?

“… I’m not sure if I can make it if these kinds of things keep happening.”
“Erm… do your be-? Oh… no, I will help you deal with this.”
“Thank you…”

I know you wanted me to do my best.

“Number 112, this way.”

Our turn came, and Sei was called first.
He looked nervous, and I waited restlessly for my turn.

“Number 113, over here.”

Having my number called, I stood up, just as Sei was coming out of the room.

“Number 113, erm…”
“I’m Cristea Ellisfeed.”
“Okay, put your hand here, and pour your magical power into it.”

On the table indicated by the attendant, there was a metal plate with a magic circle drawn on it, and magic stones arranged around it.
On the other side of the table, a staff member who seemed to be in charge of recording was sitting with a writing instruments in his hand, waiting.
Huh. It’s a different kind of magic tool than the one that Teacher Marlen inspected me with in the past. That one was small, so it was probably just a simple measuring device.
Oh, Teacher Marlen also makes magic tools, so maybe that was an original product of his.
Thinking about that, I timidly placed my hand in the center of the magic circle and let the magical power flow just as the attendant told me to.


The magic circle glowed from under my hand and, and some of the magic started shining.
I managed to confirm that much, but the magic circle glowed even more, and I was forced to close my eyes because it was too bright.

“T, that’s enough! Y, you, your hand… remove your hand!”

The attendant called out to me, and I quickly took my hand away from the magic circle. As soon as I did, I didn’t feel the glare anymore, so I opened my eyes.
I looked at the magic circle and saw that it was no longer glowing.
Is it over now?

“This is…”
“Yes, this is a bit…”


The two people were whispering among themselves.

“Ah, c, could you wait for a moment? It seems that the magic tool is not working correctly. I’ll get a spare right away.”

The attendant walked quickly out of the room and returned a moment later with the same magic tool.
Then he quickly replaced it with the magic tool that was on the table.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s do it again, shall we?”

I followed the attendant’s instructions and placed my hand in the same way again.
The magic tool shone just as brightly as before, and I closed my eyes against the glare and waited for the signal.

“Tha… that’s enough! You are done!”
“O, okay!”

I quickly took my hand away after the attendant’s words and opened my eyes.
It didn’t seem particularly different from the first time… is this one broken, too?
When I looked at the attendant, they both had serious expressions on their faces and were discussing something.

“The results were the same as the previous magic tool, so apparently it is not malfunctioning. However, this result is…
“Yes, it’s beyond the magical power capacity of an adult.”

… I see. The magical power level was out of whack, so they thought it was malfunctioning.
I’m sorry. I am apparently a magical power monster, so there shouldn’t be a mistake…

“She also has many attributes, so she’s quite capable.”

Yeah, I’ve done a lot of work for the sake of food.
I can understand the confusion of the attendant, having seen the reaction of my father and the adults.
All I can say is, I’m sorry….

“… Come to think of it, Ellisfeed… the Duke’s! So that means, she’s the rumored…”

Eh? What rumors?? Do people still recognize me as the Repulsive-food eating lady?

“Ah! The one who was introduced yesterday at the ceremony… I see.”

Ah, you mean the Sacred Beast contracts. Hoh.
However, just what kind of rumors about me are being spread around…

“Erm, sorry to have kept you waiting again. There was nothing wrong. You can return to your seat.”
“Eh, umm, the results…”

The blonde-haired, vertical drills girl didn’t seem to be happy with her results.

“We are supposed to give it to you along with the results of the written test. You got the general gist from the way the magic tool glowed, right?”

Eh, I don’t, though.
You mean that people normally can tell?

“We are pressed for time, so return to your seat for now.”
“O, okay.”

I couldn’t pursue the matter any further, so I gave up and left the room, thinking that I will be able to find out the results after the exam, so I should hold on until then.
When I returned to my seat, Sei looked at me with concern.

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