Chapter 455.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s head for the aptitude test!
“This is nerve-wracking, isn’t it, Sei-sama?”
“Yeah, something like this is a first for me, so it’s especially nerve-wracking. I do look forward to it too, though.”
“Fufu, indeed.”

This is the first time I’ve ever been to an examination like this as well.
In my case, when Teacher Marlen came to our house for the first time, Otousama was present during my magical power and attributes examination with a magic tool, but both of them only said, “Hou…” or “Hmm ……” and kept silent otherwise.
In the end, they told me about the attributes, but I wasn’t told anything about the amount of magical power I possess.
I’m pretty sure I have a monstrous amount of magical power, though, since I had enough for it to spontaneously run wild.
One by one, the first batch of students finished their tests and took their seats.
Some students came back looking happy, while others had a gloomy look on their faces, muttering things like, “That can’t be…” So they mean the results weren’t what they thought they would be?
I’m better at manipulating magical power than I used to be, and I can use more magic spells than I used to be able to do, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the results will be. “Miss Cristea, they called us, let’s go.”
I was in a daze and didn’t notice my number being called.
I hurriedly got up and followed Sei.
I was sent to the same room as Sei because of our numbers, and when I walked in, I saw that it seemed to be a waiting room, with the students who had entered before me sitting in chairs by the wall, looking nervous and waiting.

“Wait here until your number is called.”

As I followed the attendant who led me to my seat, the door at the back of the room opened and a student who seemed to have finished the inspection came out.
A female student with blonde drills and a flamboyant frilly school uniform, who looked like a stereotypical noble young lady, irritatingly approached the staff member in charge.

“… This cannot be true. I, this… that’s right, let me redo the test! There’s definitely some kind of mistake here!”

Apparently, the result wasn’t what she was expecting.

“The magic tools are working just fine. There’s no mistaking that, so go back to your seat. Okay, next person, go inside.”

The staff member, who was nonchalantly directing the next student, did not seem to give in.
The female student spat out, “What kind of attitude are you talking to me with! I will remember this!” and then she turned her head around with those drills following her movements.
Little but proud girls like her must exist in every world.
When I was looking at her in a daze, my eyes met hers.
Oh no, I’ve been caught staring at her??


The girl came straight to me and stopped only when she stood before me.


“U, umm, is there something…?”

She won’t say something like, “Whatchu staring at, huh!?” or something, right?

“You must be Cristea Ellisfeed, no?”

She checked me out with a full body stare from top to bottom before asking.

“E, ehh, yes. That I am, but…”

… Who is she?
Because of the mess that happened to me at the New Year’s Friendship Party, there was no friendship or anything happening to me, so I can’t match the names and faces of the little ladies…

“I won’t lose to you!”

Under my dumbfounded eyes caused by the sudden declaration of war, the girl let out ‘Hmph!’ and briskly walked out of the room.
W, what was that about…?
Rather, I’d like to know who the hell was that?

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