Chapter 282

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Is this perhaps?
… F, finally I was set free from Otousama’s scolding…
No, the second part was a sort of strategy meeting for the “After enrolling, what to do about Kurogane and Mashiro?” plan.

In the end, it’s only a matter of time until it gets exposed, so it can’t be helped, right!? We are at the status quo because we have reached such a conclusion.

As for what I heard is that there’s a certain lecturer among the Tamers…

Tamers can apparently contract only smaller familiars most of the times as larger and stronger magic beast requires considerable procedures, therefore they don’t have the qualities to contract Sacred Beasts.
This lecturer seems to know everything regarding the Tamer’s ways and magic beasts as he’s the number one expert in the country.

He appears to be studying Sacred Beast contracts quite zealously… no matter how much I try, his familiar will sense and inform him. It’s only natural that I would get exposed then…

In addition to this, there seems to be Sacred Beast contractor among the students enrolling this year…
Taking that into account, it’s now definite that I would get exposed.

… Enrolling this year? A classmate?
Was he in the interaction party? But, it wouldn’t be strange if he attracted attention at that place since it was already reported, right?
When I inquired from Otousama, he told me that he’s an overseas student.
He apparently crossed the sea from a far-off island to learn about the Sacred Beast contracts.

… Crossed the sea…? An overseas student from an island country?? Contracting a Sacred Beast???

… Ain’t he talking about Sei~!
I ended up tsukkoming in Kansai dialect in my mind.

Disguising himself as a woman… or not anymore, to enter Doristan after crossing the sea because of his circumstances, I quickly want to get to know him! I can’t even say that…

… Haa. But, on the positive side, Let’s get along as fellow Sacred Beast contractors! it wouldn’t be unnatural if I got close to Sei, Byakko-sama and others for that reason, right? I might be feeling a little relieved since it seems that I won’t have to forcibly avoid them after enrolling.

… I, it’s not like I was feeling relieved that I might not end up as a loner, alright!?

R, right! I will be now having a tea party with Mariel-chan whom I plan to get along with, see!?

… That’s right, I can do this.
From writing an invitation to preparing the tea and sweets, I have many things to do!

Whatever you say, this is my first girls-only gathering!
A definite girls-only gathering!
In order to secure a friend, the preparations must be flawless!

Frist, the written invitation! I excitedly began the various preparations.

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