Chapter 281

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Otousama’s proposal. Part 2
“Completely concealing the contracts would be basically impossible, so I think it would be better to give up and report, but…”

Ah… Otousama has given up at last.
Ugh, I’m aware that I’m asking the impossible…
No matter how I hide it, if I come across a Tamer or Contractor, their familiars or contracted beast will notice.

“In short, you can hide it only until you enroll into the academy. Once you enroll, the academy will protect you on equal terms with all the students. I can guarantee your safety in the academy.”
“Even against His Majesty?”
“… More or less. He shouldn’t carelessly send after an enrolled student.”

… More or less is not good enough!

“… I won’t be protected outside the school, right?”

As expected, the academy wouldn’t be able to interfere with the noble society, right?

“Outside is something the academy can’t reach. That will be my responsibility as your parent to deal with.”

No need to guess, he’s talking about coercing other nobles including His Majesty into silence, isn’t he…?
That’s simply driving them away, right??

“What, I have already refused His Majesty in the past. Even if your contracts come to light, I can simply hold back the old geezers by shouting: “It’s only natural for the contractor to serve the country!” I thought it was the time to sweep clean the old geezers soon anyway.”

Eh… please don’t resort to physically pinning them down, okay?? Do it in some political-ish way… I will leave it to you if the opponents are evil people though.

“… I will leave the communication with other nobles to Otousama.”

However, I wonder if Otousama has any intentions of letting me become a bride… the flag of being a woman who missed the chance of marriage is steadily standing straight.

“In the end, what should I do about Kurogane and Mashiro? In the first place, what happens to the other people who contract Sacred Beasts?”

The problem is right there. If we report and I can’t enter the dormitory in the end, there wouldn’t be a meaning.

“… Umu. Tamers and Contractors are able to spend time with their familiars or Sacred Beasts. Other students are given a room on the same floor where they can each spend time with their contracted beasts, large-sized beasts are provided with private beast huts.”

… Eh, the hell is that. That good treatment.
Won’t I have it easy if I report…?

… No, I’m having a hard time only because I’m trying to conceal it.

“… Would it be possible to move to such a room when I enroll?”
“Rather, other students might collapse once it comes to light, so you will be forced to move there. There should be plenty of rooms.”
“… For now, I will hide it until enrolling…”
“Umu. Until then, Norman and I will do a preliminary investigation on the Tamers and Contractors.”
“I will leave it to you.”

Status quo in the end? No, no… I have to be a bit more careful so I don’t get exposed before enrolling. There’s also the example with Leon-sama.

“… There’s no need to unreasonably enter the dormitory, you know? You can just commute from here. Right, if you’d like, I could even purchase a townhouse near the academy where you could warp to from here. Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama will be there with you, so it will be safe. Yeah, isn’t that a good idea? How about it?”

… Otousama, please don’t make that What a good idea! face, isn’t it time for you to let go of your children soon?

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