Chapter 120

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“These are called chopsticks and it’s a cutlery used in Yahatul. You hold it in this manner and it’s easy to pick up and split the food with them.”

Saying such, I picked up seafood as an example.

“Hmm… looks interesting. Could I give it a try too?”
“Of course.”

I handed over a new pair of chopsticks I took from the server to Oniisama and lectured him on the correct way to grasp them.

“First, you hold one from below on the thicker side… good. Hold the second one on top at a slight degree, just like holding a pen… yes, just like that. Then, insert your middle finger in between. This is the basic holding method. Can you move the upper stick just with your index finger? … Yes, that’s it. You pick up it like this… yes, you are doing great.”

Oniisama has skillfully picked up the chicken meat. He’s fast to learn, isn’t he?

“It’s amusing although the handling method is quite difficult.”
“That’s right, isn’t it? You might be troubled at first because fingers aren’t usually used in such way, but… although chopsticks have an etiquette, enjoying the food always comes first.”

It wouldn’t be good if you were too stressed out to eat because you couldn’t use the chopsticks properly. Learning a bit by bit is best.

“Etiquette? For example?」
“Let’s see… Stabbing the food with your chopsticks, Pulling the food in the bowl towards yourself, Hovering the chopsticks over the side dishes to take your pick, Licking the tips of the chopsticks and so on… in short, actions that would be unsightly for the surroundings are forbidden.”
“I see. It’s simple cutlery, but it has established a proper etiquette.”
“Yes. Besides, I might have given only a rough explanation and even though the chopsticks we are currently using are just plain, beautifully decorated chopsticks also exist. In Yahatul, they are chosen to match with the bowls.”
“Cristea really is knowledgeable about Yahatul’s culture, huh.”
“It’s not even that much. I have learned lots at the Bastea Company.”

I wanted to know just how much Yahatul has in common with the past life’s Japan after all. I’m sorry to Sei whom I have thoroughly interrogated though.

“Miss Cristea, could you teach me how to use the chopsticks as well?”

Prince Ray who has been watching me and Oniisama requested to teach him too.

“Yes, of course…”
“Prince Ray, I shall teach you then.”

Oniisama interjected just when I was about to accept.

“… Norman, you have just learned it though.”

Prince Ray said in dissatisfaction with his eyebrow twitching.

“Yes. Therefore, I will teach Prince Ray in order to review what I just learned.”

Oniisama smilingly moved to Prince Ray’s side.

… What is it, a high tension just from a chopsticks lecture…?
I have a feeling that Oniisama’s intimidating aura is especially overbearing…

In the end, Prince Ray reluctantly learned the way of holding chopsticks from Oniisama. Somehow, he was able to learn it quickly.

… Oniisama is good at it, Prince Ray is good at it, are all high-spec people quick to learn everything?

“Both Oniisama and Prince Ray are really good at using the chopsticks.”

The two were very happy when I praised them.

Yup, yup.
Praising children is the most important.

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