Chapter 119

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Something refreshing for fatigue.
Now then, I would like to make dinner using the plums I got my hands on. And today, I want to eat something refreshing… that being the case, let’s cook!

First, I boil pseudo-chicken breasts. Pull it out once it has been thoroughly cooked, and boil it again after skimming the scum from the broth. Simple chicken soup is finished by flavoring it with salt and soy sauce. Remove the seeds from the plums and mix it with finely cut perilla…

I boil the udon noodles I asked Shin to prepare and arrange it.
Chicken salt udon garnished with plums and perilla is completed. I cut the boiled chicken and use it as a topping.
You can also add sesame seeds if you like.

… Yeah, there’s not enough vegetables.


“This is… refreshing and easy to eat, isn’t it?”
“It is. It’s sour, but it makes it more appetizing…”

Prince Ray and Oniisama were eating the udon while struggling with their forks.

“The topping is umeboshi… plums that were pickled in salt and left to air dry. I made a paste out of the flesh of this fruit and mixed it with perilla. I know that umeboshi is a love-it-or-hate-it article, but I believe you will be able to enjoy it like this no matter what you think about it. Moreover, this sourness cures fatigue.”

They wouldn’t understand citric acid and so on, so I only gave a vague explanation…

“I see… cures the fatigue…”
“It’s a perfect menu for us who moved around a lot during the inspection. Thank you, Cristea.”

Oniisama and Prince Ray continued eating happily.
No, err, it’s something I made for myself, it wasn’t made for you two or anything… i, it looks like some kind of misunderstanding, but… o, oh well… let’s smile and deceive them.

“Apart from that, what is this cutlery Cristea, Father, and others are using…?”

Oniisama has noticed the chopsticks. Oh? You are curious after all? Fufufu.

We have started using Japanese cutlery when Japanese food was introduced in our house, and currently, even Otousama and Okaasama eat using them. Okaasama’s use of chopsticks is still a bit dodgy, but… Otousama was able to master it in no time because he eats a lot. What one likes, one will do well, huh…? Am I wrong?

Rice and miso soup taste better when eaten with chopsticks rather than a spoon, so the chopsticks have been received favorably.
We naturally use silverware for Western-style food though.

I didn’t give chopsticks to Oniisama and Prince Ray because they would have difficulty using them, but as expected, they got curious about the chopsticks after seeing us use them so skillfully.
Fufufu. Why don’t I have Oniisama understand the good points of chopsticks too?

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