Chapter 116

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I feel ◯◯◯
After leaving the Bastea Company, Mashrio, Kurogane and I went towards the market.

“Lord, are those smooth cubes truly edible?”

Even though he appraised it himself, Kurogane can’t seem to see agar as something edible.

“That’s right? You do not eat it as it is though.”

Ufufu. I will try promptly making it once we return.

“Ate a while ago, that, wasn’t good.”

… Mashiro, just when did you manage to get your hands on it?

“… It isn’t delicious when eaten as it is. I will ask you for sampling when I make something out of it after we return, okay?”
“Umu, I have high expectations.”

In the market, I bought additional purchases of insufficient spices used for the curry powder, and I also bought fresh fruits and sweets as the souvenir for Miria.
Mufu~! Big catch, big catch!

I was hungry, so when I went towards a stall to get something to eat, I found Oniisama with Prince Ray in a distant view.
Ueh!? They were still here!? … N~ well, it’s not often they can go outside incognito, so it can’t be helped, huh.
I’m the same after all…

It appears that Prince Ray hasn’t noticed me yet, but Oniisama must have felt my magical power as he was nonchalantly looking around.
… I wonder if Oniisama is equipped with a Cristea sensor or something?

“Lord, what do we do?”

The two also noticed Oniisama and Prince Ray and asked whether we are withdrawing.
Hmmm, I also went outside incognito after a long time though…

“You two aren’t hungry?”

I am. Since I have the chance, I would like to eat something from a stall…

“I want to eat food made by Lord.”
“Me too, prefers Cristea’s meal.”

Ugh. I’m happy to hear that, but to not support the street stall food…


“Is there something Lord wants to eat?”
“Eh? … Ermm, the cut meat over there…”

I was a bit interested in the kebab-like cut meat put between bread like a sandwich. However, I believed I would be completely exposed to Oniisama and Prince Ray if I approached that place.

“Shall I buy it for you? Lord, you wait in a blind spot of those guys.”

Kurogane said so and pointed to a corner of the stall which was the two’s blind spot.

“Is that alright? Then, can I ask you to buy it for me?”
“Cristea, I will, go!”

Flustered by Kurogane taking action since the morning, Mashiro declared that he will buy it for me.

Come to think of it, wasn’t this the first time Mashiro turned into a human form? … That being the case, wouldn’t this be his first errand ever!?

“Umm… are you able to purchase goods, Mashiro?”
“… Probably, can.”

Mashiro nodded.

… Umu, I shouldn’t discourage the determination of youth.

“Then, should I ask Mashiro to do it? This is money. Could you buy for three people with this? Saying give me three please and handing over the money to the shop’s person should be fine.”
“Got it!”

I watched over Mashiro who grasped the money in his hands and moved to the stall in a half trot with my heart going pit-a-pat.
Yeah, I feel nervous!?

“… Lord, I think you shouldn’t worry this much?”

… No, no. This is Mashiro’s first errand ever, you know!? I have to make sure he can do it properly!

… As for the result, Mashiro’s first errand ended uneventfully without an incident. Moreover, the missus whom Mashiro spoke with gave him a freebie… I’m glad, but… you know? The happenings shown on the TV in my past life didn’t happen, you see? … I would be troubled if they happened though.

… Ah, the kebab-sandwich was full of meat and tasted great.

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