Chapter 115

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Unexpected proposal.
… Whoops, not good. I shouldn’t be focusing on appraisal but on agar right now.

“Umm, does this product sell?”
“It doesn’t, Ojousama. Most people don’t know how to use it, so it doesn’t sell well enough.”

When I inquired from the shopkeeper, he told me it was a dead stock just as I thought. Seriously… What is with the person responsible for Bastea Company’s re-stocking? I could obtain lots thanks to that, though.
Yeah, it’s fine not to hold back then, right?

“Then, I will buy it all.”
“Eh!? E, everything… is it?”
“Yes, everything… is that no good?”

I wonder if he’s on guard because of Oniisama and the Ellisfeed House that is buying up all the ingredients?

“N, no! Definitely not! It’s just even though it’s light, there’s quite a lot in stock… is that still fine with you?”

It’s fine, you know~? No matter what, I’m the possessor of the Inventory after all! Too much stock? I will welcome it very much! … Although I say that, I can’t use Inventory in the public, so I arranged for its delivery to the mansion.


“Thank you very much for your purchase… so, about the umeboshi…”
“Yes, what is it?”
“Actually… we have plum trees in our company’s courtyard. They bear fruit every year, but they fall down and rot because we have no use for them… the trees themselves can’t be transferred, but we could give you the plums with the recipe for umeboshi if you’d like…”
“! Really!? By all means!”
“We can’t give it to you this year since the season has already passed, but I promise to hand it to you next year.”

Because Cristea was happy about something that was already considered useless garbage, they decided to bring up the harvest of the fruits.
Besides, they were interested in what Cristea would make with the unripe plums. Seeds of a new business might be lurking be in it after all.

The Bastea Company which recently grew energetically thanks to Cristea’s special demands, decided to promise to hand over the plums the next year for the sake of further development of the company.


Cristea who secured agar together with many other things left the Bastea Company.
She promised to deliver her new product to Sei and others.

Ufufu… yaay~!! Not only will I have umeboshi next year, I will also enjoy making Umeshu and ume syrup~!

White liquor… doesn’t probably exist, so shochu… do they have it? Brandy-like alcohol might work great as well?

On top of the many requests I have for Galvano Ojisama, let’s talk to him about obtaining strong alcohol for me as well… I will have to be careful so Ojisama doesn’t drink it all though.
I have to give the umeshu as a token of my thanks to those who often take care of me if I can make a delicious one!

I will be enrolling in the capital’s academy next year, but I pledged to warp back in order to stock up on the plums.

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