Chapter 117

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Returning home.
After “Mashiro’s first errand”, we warped back to my room.

“… So tired.”

Mashiro, who returned to his original appearance with a puff, crumbled to the floor.
He must have gotten tired after staying in his human form for so long while not being used to it yet… I feel bad for making him so tired.

“Thank you very much for escorting me. Mashiro, Kurogane.”
“Umu. I’m also a little tired because it has been a long time since I stayed in the human form.”

He then changed to his Fenrir form and snuggled up to Cristea.

“Cristea, hug?”

Does Mashiro want a supply of magical power?

“Yes, yes, hug~”

I hugged Mashiro tightly.
Mofumofu, patpat… ha~ I’m healed by mofumofu…

“Lord, me too.”
“Yes, yes…”
“Kurogane, doesn’t, need.”

When I was about to pat the head of Kurogane which he placed on my shoulder from behind, Mashiro pushed Kurogane’s head back.

Ahh, how nice! I want to be pushed by paw pads too.

“Mu, I believe it was me who put great efforts into the work today though?”

Kurogane protested to Mashiro’s blocking.

“… Fine, can’t be helped, will yield.”

Not having any complaints about Kurogane’s hard work, Mashiro reluctantly yielded.

… What is this~ It feels very really similar to the contests between my nephew and niece they did when I was playing with them in my past life.

“You two, get along, okay? You will be without meals if you fight, alright?”

I spoke the magic words while stroking Kurogane’s head.

“… Not fighting.”
“I didn’t do anything.”

That so?
… I wonder if there’s a future where the two get along…?


“Welcome back, Cristea-sama. How did your shopping go?”

I don’t know how Miria realized that I had returned, but she turned up.
… I can only think that she also is equipped with a Cristea sensor…

“The best. I found what I was looking for after all.”

We decided on the plums business next year and this time’s shopping was a great harvest in a sense.

“But, it appears that I bumped into Oniisama and Prince Ray in the Bastea Company and at a street stall.”
“Oh my… that must have been serious.”
“Somehow, I managed without being found out by Prince Ray, but…”

I could have gone shopping without a care if it were not for him.

“Ah, right. I have a souvenir for you.”

I retrieved the sweets I bought for Miria as a souvenir from the Inventory.

“My… you didn’t have to pay me any mind…”

She happily received it while thanking me.

Let’s go shopping together the next time, okay? Miria.

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