Chapter 594.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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So it’s about thaaaaat!?
No, no, no. What’s going on here?!
Did Kurogane and Mashiro do something again?! And that remark earlier! You were going to say “shorties,” weren’t you?! I can hear you!

But judging by the reactions of the people in the cafeteria, this seemingly ordinary beef bowl is apparently the challenge menu this time.

The beef bowl, modestly served compared to the ones served to the Knight class students, had big horn bull sinew meat, which was tough and inedible when simply discarded.
But this time, it was simmered slowly and carefully until it became tender and delicious, with a gelatinous texture that looked very appetizing.

Next to the bowl was a bowl of miso soup, gently emitting steam, also looking delicious.

Yeah, if I keep staring at it, it’ll just get cold.
It’s part of the pleasure to eat warm food while it’s warm!
I silently clasped my hands together and softly said, “Let’s eat,” as I picked up my chopsticks.

First, the miso soup.

The aroma of miso mixed with the steam tickled my nose.
As I tasted it, the flavor of the well-seasoned broth spread in my mouth.
Yeah, it’s delicious.

And now, the beef bowl.
Scooping up some beef sinew and rice together, I took a bite.
The beef sinew, cooked until it melted in my mouth, had a delightful chewy and bouncy texture in parts.

“It’s delicious…”

Turning to the voice murmuring softly, I saw Alicia-sama scooping up some beef bowl with her spoon, gazing intently at the rice soaked in the broth.

Oh… I forgot about Alicia-sama.
But I’m glad she seems to appreciate how delicious it is!

“I’m glad you appreciate Lars’s goodness.”

I said, catching Alicia-sama’s attention as she looked up at me.

“Yes… it’s very, very delicious.”


As Alicia-sama and I smiled at each other, I heard murmurs from around us, like “Nice…” and “Lovely…”, so I quickly resumed eating, feeling a bit flustered.

Then, Mariel-chan said, “Oh, I forgot about the egg,” and picked up a small, round, white object from a saucer.
She then cast a Clear magic spell on it.
She lightly tapped it on the table, cracked it open over the bowl, and placed the shell on the saucer.
Then, she gently broke the yolk over the beef sinew and took a bite.

Oh, that looks good. I want to do that too.

Suddenly, the Knight class boys, who had been distracted by us, noticed Mariel-chan’s actions and started making a commotion.

“Wha…! She cracked it without any hesitation?!”
“That flawless, seamless sequence of actions. There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation… I-I give up…!”

Eh? What? What’s going on?
Mariel-chan seemed so accustomed to cracking eggs from her daily chores that she did it effortlessly today too, but…?

“M-Mariel-san?! A-Are you in your right mind?!”

Hearing Alicia-sama’s trembling voice, I turned to look at her, and her face was pale.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Even Mariel-chan, who was munching away, didn’t seem to realize what was going on.

“W-Wait, but… y-you, th-that egg… it’s… raw, isn’t it?!”
“Huh? Oh… yes…”

With Alicia-sama’s reminder, both Mariel-chan and I finally realized.

Oh noooo?!
The challenge menu, was it about the egg?!

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