Chapter 595.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I was too careless…
Ever since moving into the special dorm, we often prepared our own meals, which meant we frequently made egg dishes.

Among those, we sometimes made soft-boiled eggs, and I even suggested having raw egg over rice.
The Sacred Beasts seemed to have no resistance to it, as they didn’t mind eating raw eggs. Since Mariel-chan and I were Japanese in our past lives, as long as we used purification magic to clear any hygienic issues like Salmonella, we had no qualms about eating them.

It took a while for Miria and Sei, but they eventually saw firsthand that Mariel-chan and I were fine, so they reluctantly tried it too, which was a big step forward.
Well, once they took that first bite, they couldn’t stop spooning up the smooth, mellow deliciousness! Hahaha.

So, in the special dorm where the hurdle of eating raw eggs was overcome, the sense of “eating raw eggs is taboo” had completely faded away.
Oops, I let that slip!
… But this isn’t a time to be escaping reality!

“Um, you see, this is actually…”

How should I explain this to Alicia-sama, who looked utterly repulsed?
Mariel-chan noticed the attention from everyone around and froze in place.
Mariel-chan, pull yourself together!
What should I do? The reality that I’m the only one I can rely on to break this situation is giving me chills down my spine.

… But wait a minute?
Isn’t this also an opportunity?
A perfect chance to pave the way for my beloved TKG to become popular in this world!
If there’s ever a time to teach the proper way to safely consume raw eggs, it’s now, isn’t it?
Alright, I’ve got to do this!

With that thought in mind, I picked up the egg I had just put back on the plate and held it up in front of everyone again.

“… Alicia-sama. This egg is nothing out of the ordinary, just a raw egg. I believe everyone knows that consuming it as is could upset your stomach. However…”

Not just in front of Alicia-sama, but also so the Knight students around us had a proper view, I cast Clear Magic with a bzzing.


“By using Clear Magic on the egg like this, it becomes safe to consume even raw. What’s important to note is that you have to imagine not only cleaning the shell, but also purging any harmful elements inside the egg that could cause stomach issues. This way, you can enjoy its raw deliciousness!”

After passionately explaining, I smoothly lowered the egg from above and tapped it lightly against the flat surface of the table before deftly cracking it open over the gyudon with one hand.

In that instant, there was a collective murmur around me.

“Such a skilled move… like a seasoned chef.”
“To crack it with one hand… could I do that too?”
“Did you hear what she just said? The Head Chef’s explanation about not getting sick with Clear Magic—was that actually true?”
“But wait, can Clear Magic really make that possible?”
“The Head Chef was vouched for by the Sacred Beasts, and now their contractor is saying the same thing, so maybe it’s true after all?”

The Knight students in the cafeteria, each holding a raw egg over their trays, stared intently.
Upon closer inspection, it seemed like hardly anyone had touched their gyudon.

Apparently, they had ordered the challenge menu from the cafeteria as a test of courage, but when it actually came to it, they couldn’t muster up any to crack the raw egg on their food.
However, they were also hesitant to eat just the gyudon alone, fearing they’d be mocked as cowards when leaving the establishment.

No wonder there’s a line outside… the turnover rate must be terrible…

Realizing this wouldn’t resolve anything, Mariel-chan and I exchanged glances, then I pierced the egg yolk with my chopsticks.

I carefully mixed the bulging, creamy yolk with the meat and rice, ensuring they combined beautifully before taking a bite.

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