Chapter 489.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Conversation with Okaasama (2)
“Are you sure you are not pushing yourself too hard? I fear that all of this is too much for a young girl like you to be burdened with.”
“You are a rare existence who has made a contract with the Sacred Beasts, and you possess an unimaginable power on top of that. In the past, you have been targeted by many nobles after refusing to become the Crown Prince’s fiancée because of your uncontrollable magic power. Are you aware of that?”
“If they marry you, they will automatically obtain the Sacred Beasts. That alone makes you a threat to the royal family, you know? How could they pass up the opportunity to have a powerful voice among the nobility?”

C, certainly…

“We are still at the stage where we are waiting to see what the royals will do, but we should probably approach them to see if we can get ahead of the other houses, is what they are probably thinking.”

… As a result, there was a stack of invitations to tea parties and letters of engagement offers?
Ueah… how bothersome.
Nobles are really bothersome.

“I think that if you were to get engaged to the Crown Prince, it would strengthen our power as a nation and bring all of us peace of mind at the same time… Lily would like that too.”

Her Highness, the Queen Lily, is my Okaasama’s best friend, so I guess it is her dream that we, their children, get married.

“But you see, I know that I should not do what you do not want me to do. I was once in an unwanted engagement myself, after all.”

Okaasama smiled sadly and said that she was His Majesty’s fiancée when she was a student, but due to various reasons, her best friend Lily and His Majesty fell in love, and the fact that Okaasama originally liked Otousama, and he also had feelings for her, the engagement was amicably broken off and settled into the current form.
What is this light novel development?
I wonder if I have been reincarnated into the world of Happy Ending after the ending of an Otome game!


“So, Stewart and I had a good talk and decided that we would first acknowledge the person you have chosen yourself.”
“I don’t want my daughter to have a hard time, so even if I acknowledge of the person, I will strictly assess whether or no they can make you happy, okay? Of course, Stewart feels the same way.”
“Eh, doesn’t that mean you still don’t approve of them…?”
“Acknowledging their existence is one thing. Tolerating them is another.”
“If you choose the Crown Prince or Norman, we don’t have to say anything. I can’t wait to see what partner you choose.”

Okaasama gave a giggle, said good night, and left the room.

“… I feel like I have nearly no choice, though…”

I leaned gudely against the back of the sofa, and Mashiro, who was clinging to me tightly, climbed into my lap.
Kurogane also looked at me as he put his head on my kneecaps.

(Cristea, I will get rid of those insolent guys who approach you, so don’t worry.)
(Umu. Rest assured that we will be very strict in our judgment as to who is fit to become Lord’s mate, and no wicked person will be allowed to come near you.)

Eh, this doesn’t provide me with any relief whatsoever, though?
Seeing them both looking spoiled and showing no signs of leaving, I realized that they were waiting to be brushed, so I prepared for the long course and took their special brushes out of my inventory.
I would like to get up early tomorrow and make breakfast… but these two have put up with a lot in the past days, so I have to do my best, too.
I will have to do some working out.
I grabbed the brush and began brushing Mashiro first.

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