Chapter 490.1

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Morning habits.
Last night, I stayed up late brushing Mashiro and Kurogane, and having a mofu showdown with them, and ended up going to bed late.
I thought about sleeping in this morning, but I woke up at the usual time… Habits are amazing, aren’t they?

I got up in time to make breakfast as planned, but decided to do yoga first to get the flow of my magic power going.
If you are aware of the magic power flowing through your whole body, it will spread to the tips of your nerves and allow you to activate spells more efficiently.
Before the memory of my previous life came back, I seemed to have been having outbursts of enormous amounts of magic power that swelled up in my body en masse.
I wouldn’t have to do this if I had less magic power, so most people might learn to do that in the stage of increasing their magic power naturally.
But for me, who was born with a large amount of magic power, it was like a nasty fever that I couldn’t control, so I didn’t have the incling of circulating it throughout my body, and at the time, I just had to let that fever out! I had no choice but to let it run wild. That’s just all in the past now, though.

I originally started doing yoga, which I can do secretly in my room to deal with my plump belly, but I had no idea it would help me with the circulation of my magic power…
Of course, with my geek knowledge of my previous life, I could say something like “Be aware of the energy (magic power) in the tanden (below the navel), so that it can be spread throughout the body…” I guess it was the imagery that made it possible.

When Mariel-chan came to stay with us, I taught her about yoga and magic power circulation, and she said that since then, she has been able to feel the movement of magic power little by little and the amount of magic power seems to have increased, too.

I would recommend yoga to other people, but how can I spread yoga to the nobility? That’s where we re at a standstill.
What a posture are you putting our daughter through! So immodest!—I’m afraid that people will be angry with me.

I wonder if I can explain how to imagine the circulation of magic power? I thought, “Imagine magic power running through your capillaries just as blood runs through your blood vessels” but then I realized that it was only because Mariel-chan was a nurse in her previous life that she could understand it, and I had to find another way to express it. And that’s where I’m currently stuck. Hmm.

After finishing yoga and dressing lightly, I headed to the kitchen and smelled the good smell of cooking rice.


“Cristea-sama, good morning!”

As soon as I entered the kitchen, the Head Chef flew over.
Eh, how did he notice?
I hope the Head Chef is not using detection magic to sense my whereabouts like Oniisama, right? Scary!

“G, good morning… err, may I help you?”
“Of course! Lord has given you the permission to use the kitchen as you please! Come, come, go ahead!”
“T… thanks.”

Everyone in the kitchen bowed to me silently without stopping their hands, so I walked in, nodding lightly as I went.

“What will you be cooking today, Cristea-sama?”
“Let’s see… what’s for breakfast this morning?”
“Yes! Today we have wakame miso soup, orc shougayaki, and tamagoyaki!”
“… Isn’t that too heavy for a breakfast? Continuing on with orc meat would be a bit too much…”

Or rather, yesterday it was orckatsu curry, and today, it’s orc shogayaki…

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