Chapter 477.2

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It’s hard being a popular girl.
“Well, wait and see. That fellow Byakko must have some idea if he brought it up. Let’s wait and see what he does.”
“Ehh~? I think Byakko is too stupid to make considerations like that.”

… I also agree with Mashiro’s opinion.
Even if he has something in mind, it’s more than likely to be something stupid.

“… I can’t deny that, but nothing good won’t come out if we run amok on our own. This is the one time we should be united. Let’s discuss with them about it tomorrow.”

Mashiro puffed up his cheeks and fell silent.
Oh, the pretty boy’s puffy face is so cute…
Kurogane was still holding Mashiro and tapping his head with his hand… ah, he brushed it off.
Even though they keep saying the opposite, the two seem to be getting along quite well.
As I stared at them with a smile, Mashiro turned into his Sacred Beast form and came running up to me.

(Cristea~ Kurogane is bullying me~)
“No one is bullying you!”

I laughed at Kurogane’s impatience and picked up Mashiro.

“Oh my. Kurogane just said what everyone was thinking, so I’m sure there was no bullying intended, right?”
(N~n, he was tapping my head!)

Mashiro tilted his head and leaned back, staring straight at me.
Kuh… how cunning!
Where did you learn to do that kind of cunning gesture, Mashiro!?

“I, I see… then, pain pain fly away~”

As I stroked his head with magic power, he closed his eyes comfortably.

(Ehehe, this feels so nice~)
“Fufufu, I’m glad.”
“Mu… you schemer, Mashiro!”

Even Kurogane, who had been watching us, took on the form of a Sacred Beast and began to cling to me.

(Kurogane, you are interrupting!)


Mashiro said and flapped his legs at Kurogane.
Now, now, stop it.
I hurriedly pulled Mashiro away from Kurogane.

(Lord, this fellow has kicked me. Do that thing to me, too.)

Kurogane said while pushing his head toward me.


Erm… does he mean ‘pain pain fly away’?

(You are a blockhead, so you don’t need it!)

Mashiro tried to kick him further, so I kept him as far away from Kurogane as I could, while also casting the good luck charm on him with my magic power.

(Umu. This is nice. I’m feeling better thanks to you, Lord.)
“I see, that’s good.”
(Cristea~ do it for me again?)
“Mashiro… you are not hurting anymore, are you?”
(I’m not, but… do it again!)

Mashiro who was pushing his head toward me while saying that looked so cute… he’s slyly adorable!

(Nuu. Then, me too!)

Kurogane started pushing his body on me as well.
Kurogane, you too!?
Hah~ it’s difficult being a popular girl (with Sacred Beasts)…
I was stuck patting both for a while.

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