Chapter 477.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s hard being a popular girl.
When I got back to my room, I immediately told everyone about the class placement.

“Hou, that lass is in the same class? That’s excellent.”
“I see, I’m glad you can be together with Mariel!”
“I can be at ease if you are together with Sei-sama and Mariel-sama!”

Everyone was also delighted.

“Yes, I really am glad. It would have been too lonely to be in a different class than everyone else.”

I was expecting to be in the same class as Sei, since he is a contractor of Sacred Beasts, but I didn’t expect Mariel-chan to be in the same class as me, so I’m very happy!
Teacher Neil said that the number of students in S class is smaller than the other classes, so I hope I can make friends with them, too.
Though, he said that all the students have excellent grades, so I hope they won’t be hostile and say, “How can I be friends with my rival!” or something…

“So, what happened to our request?”

Kurogane asked me, and I thanked Sei in my heart that I hadn’t got carried away and gone back to my room.

“Erm, about that, there seems to be no problem with the freedom of movement within the academy premises. Teacher Neil said he would consult with the Headmaster tomorrow to see if it’s possible to allow you to… harm others without blame.”
“I see.”
“Strange. The people who are trying to get us to go public are the ones who are at fault, but if we punish them, we will be blamed?”

Ugh… Mashiro’s question is also correct.
From Mashiro and the others’ point of view, it’s probably just like brushing off a bug that’s annoying you, but I’m sure that the bug that gets brushed off might end up getting a hell of a lot worse than just getting brushed off…
Then, no matter that it was the Sacred Beast’s doing, as long as it has a contractor, they would be subject to punishment for harming the others in a private fight within the academy.
Of course, if the contracted beast were to be harmed, the perpetrator would also be punished.
The issue is that not only the contracted beast but also me, the contractor, would be punished.
I’m sure the two of them won’t keep quiet if I’m punished for something that wasn’t my fault.
In the end, I can see them getting depressed because of the trouble they caused me.
As I was wondering how to explain this, Miria stepped forward nervously.

“Mashiro-sama… umm, if anything happens, it won’t be you, the Sacred Beasts who will be scolded, but rather Cristea-sama and Sei-sama.”


Normally, she would just be quietly watching from the side.

“… Why? Why is it that although it was us who beat up the bad guys, Cristea is the one that gets blamed? If you have a problem with that, just tell me!”

Mashiro stood up and began to shimmer with a deadly energy, but Kurogane held him back.

“Calm down, Mashiro. I’m sure the Lord has told you this before. If we do anything, the Lord, our contractor, will be punished.”

He grabbed Mashiro by the shoulders and sat him down on the sofa.

“But… but, neither Cristea nor us would be at fault in this scenario? And yet Cristea would get scolded, this is weird!”
“That’s right. So, even if we fight back, we must make sure that we are not at fault and make sure that the Lord does not get punished.”

Eh… was their “no blame” condition for my sake?
Mashiro pouted his mouth at Kurogane’s words.

“But wouldn’t that be difficult?”
“I wonder about that. It will depend on Neil’s negotiations tomorrow…”
“… I’m going to go to him right now and tell him to make this happen!”

Mashiro tried to stand up again, but Kurogane grabbed his head and held him down.

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