Chapter 476.2

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What do you want to do!?
… No, you exaggerate.
You just are not aware, Teacher Neil. Leon-sama joined the academy entrance ceremony as His Majesty and Her Majesty’s guard.
He also seems to be visiting the market often to buy meat skewers and stuff, you know!?
It’s just that you don’t know about it, right?
Moreover, to call him a solitary and holy being while’s he’s actively watching our contracted Sacred beasts…
He’s similar to Kurogane and Mashiro, but I can only think of them as gluttons and my overprotective guardians.

“And besides, I can observe them here in the special dormitory by myself… No, well, umm, I don’t think it’s a good idea to unnecessarily stress out the Sacred Beasts like that!”

So those were your real thoughts, huh.
It’s true that Teacher Neil doesn’t need to take the trouble to set up such an occasion, though.
When we stared at him, he continued as if in a panic.

“You know, look, I actually thought it would be better for the Sacred Beasts if the environment around you calmed down a bit first, so everyone’s burden would decrease, okay! That’s what I explained to them, you know!?”
“Burden… is it?”

When Sei asked him back, Teacher Neil replied, relieved that he had seemingly been able to deceive him.

“Yeah, you guys have not been divided into classes just yet, right? I thought it would be easier for the Sacred Beasts to take precautions after you guys formed some kind of relationships with your fellow classmates.”

What is this about?

“Yeah. You guys are going to be assigned into a special class… known as the S class. S class is full of students with excellent grades. They are all obedient children there, so I believe you would have an easier time than spending time with all those inquisitive students.”
“Eh? S class?”

The hell is that. Special class?

“That’s right. It’s all the students who did well in the aptitude test and the written exam we had the other day. Since there are fewer students than in other classes, there are fewer targets to watch out for, so I’m sure the Sacred Beasts will feel more at ease.”

Nonono. That means they have a lot of magic power and good grades, right?
They might even have a higher attack power than your average student. It’s more likely to raise their vigilance instead, you know!?

“Ah, right. Your friend… erm, Ma… Mary… what was it again? She’s also in the S class. Aren’t you glad?”
“Eh! A, are you sure?”
“Yeah. She did almost as well as you guys on the written exam, and her aptitude is… not something that I should be blabbing about.”
“Mariel-san is going to be in the same class…”
“Ah, right, right. It’s Miss Mariel. I’m sure you guys will have an enjoyable time with her there, and I’m sure all the Sacred Beasts will be happy to see you enjoying yourselves.”

Y, yay~! To think I would be in the same class as Mariel-chan and Sei!
I’m not going to be a loner~!

“Thank you so much! I’m going to excuse mys…”

I have to go back to my room and inform everyone!
Just as I thought this and stood up, Sei pulled me back.

“Thank you very much. That’s a separate matter, however. So about the debut…”

Ah, right. I was so happy I nearly forgot about this matter.
When Sei conveyed the demands of Byakko-sama and others, Teacher Neil fell into deep thought…

“I don’t think there would be a problem with them moving around the campus freely, but… I’m not sure about the punishment thing… it’s not a problem for me personally, but I wonder what would the Headmaster and other teachers say?”

… Teacher Neil is fine with it!?

“I will confirm this with the Headmaster tomorrow. This kind of request is only natural from the perspective of the Sacred Beasts, after all.”

Teacher Neil seemed to be on the side of the Sacred Beasts, and he would discuss with the Headmaster and the teachers what to do.

“… We will leave it to you then.”

Sei gave a quick, clean bow and then went back to his room.
I told Teacher Neil that I had put his dinner in the magic box in the dining hall, and then headed back to my room as well.

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