Chapter 478.1

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I heard nothing of this!?
The next morning, I finished my usual routine of morning yoga and headed downstairs to get ready for breakfast.
Kurogane and Mashiro had left their rooms ahead of me, saying they were going to accompany Sei and the others to their morning training.
I think they are just using the training with Sei as an excuse to discuss the plan with Byakko-sama.

(What’s with the dark look in the morning?)

Kaguya, who was walking in front of me, slowed down, got next to me and gave me a quick swat with her tail.
No… that’s a reward for me, isn’t it?
Kaguya, who had been forced to play dress-up for a while at Suzaku-sama’s request, seemed to have been told off quite severely at that time, and began to show up in the dining room on a whim, though not every time. This is good. We should eat together as much as possible.

(Since those guys are fine with it, why don’t you just show your faces and go back home?)

Kaguya-san, you make it sound so easy, but…

“Ugh~… I just don’t like the thought of presenting everyone as if they are items on an exhibition…”

If I were in the position of another student… I’m sure I would also want to see the Sacred Beast contractors and their Sacred Beasts that have appeared in this academy after a long time.
I know exactly how they feel, so I can’t really say I’m against it.
But that doesn’t mean that Kurogane and Mashiro should be made a spectacle…
Haah… my feelings are in a gray area. And I hate myself for being this way.

(So you were worried about something like that? Those guys have chosen to make a contract with you and follow you, so they were prepared for at least that much. It’s just on a slightly larger scale.)

Was she encouraging me?
I was so happy that I tried to pick her up, but she slipped away and went on her way.
Gunuu, this tsundere.

(I want to eat as soon as possible, so let’s get going!)
“Yes, yes. Hey Kaguya, going by your logic, is it alright to introduce you to everyone as my contracted beast as well?”
(Hah? No way in hell!)

Ehh~ So contradictory?

(If you introduce an ordinary black cat like me as your contracted Magic Beast, everyone is going to doubt your sanity. There’s no point!)
“My feelings are, if it weren’t for the political issues, I would tell the whole world how cute my kids are.”
(Hah? Aren’t you stupid? Alright, hurry up now!)

You tsundere.
I grinned at Kaguya’s rising tail as I followed her.

After breakfast, Sei and I went back to our rooms to change into our uniforms, but Byakko-sama, Kurogane and the others stayed in the dining room because they had business with Teacher Neil, who hadn’t gotten up yet.
I was curious about what they were going to say to Teacher Neil, but I couldn’t afford to be late, so I had no choice but to go back to my room.
I’ll have to ask them what they talked about later.
I quickly changed my clothes, checked my appearance and rushed downstairs just as Teacher Neil was leaving the dorm.

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