Chapter 478.2

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I heard nothing of this!?
“Teacher Neil, good morning.”
“Yo, ‘morning. You are early as usual, Miss Cristea.”

Teacher Neil greeted me with a smile as I ran up to him.
Huh? His mood seems quite good… so he was not bullied by everyone then?

“Umm, about the debut…”
“Oh, I’m going to speak with the Headmaster about it right now! Well, I really do look forward to it! See you later!”
“Eh? Umm, Teacher Neil!?”

… He left.
I could see Teacher Neil through the closed doorway, and he looked like he was about to skip… eh, what? What did he mean by saying he was ‘looking forward to it’?
As I blankly stared in place, Byakko-sama and others came out of the dining room in groups.

“Oh? You are already ready to go, Ojou?”
“Oh my, our Lord has not come down yet. I will go get him.”

Suzaku-sama swiftly left to get Sei.

“Umm, I just met Teacher Neil and… what were you talking about?”

I asked Byakko-sama who remained in the entrance hall.

“Ah, that fellow? We had a proper talk about the conditions, so you not need to worry.”

Nono. I can only worry about the things you come up with, Byakko-sama.

“What about the conditions?”
“That fellow went to negotiate them just now. Well, he was in high spirits, so it will surely turn alright.”

Nonono. With Teacher Neil being in high spirits, my worries only increase, you know!?

“Weeell~ don’t mind it. Sei is coming down now, so you do your best to study.”

When I looked at the stairs, Sei was coming down just as Byakko-sama said.

“Tora, what did you negotiate about?”
“Don’t worry about that, it wasn’t anything bad. We will do the debut properly, alright? Now, it’s time to leave. See ya later.”

According to the clock in the hall, it was time to leave, so we reluctantly left the dorm.

“I met Teacher Neil at the entrance hall, and he was in a very good mood, so I’m really curious about what they discussed… do you know anything about it, Sei?”
“Teacher Neil? Tora told me he was going to negotiate something with him last night, but… he wouldn’t tell me what.”

So Sei doesn’t know either… he was in such a good mood, so the conditions must be favorable for Teacher Neil, too.
Favorable for Teacher Neil… they didn’t tell him they would allow him to experiment on them or something, right?
Ugh, it’s hard to predict Teacher Neil since anything related to the Sacred Beasts would be a reward for him.

“We may have no idea what Tora is planning to do, but we have to trust that he won’t do anything to our disadvantage. I will question him when I get back to the dorm at noon.”
“Yeah. I will also try asking my two.”

We agreed that we should concentrate on our morning classes for now, and then we saw Mariel-chan.

“Cristea-san, Sei-san, good morning to you!”
“Good morning, Miss Mariel.”
“Mariel-san, good morning. I’m sorry about yesterday, also…”

Just as I was about to apologize for not being able to study with her yesterday and tell her that we would be in the same class, Mariel-chan smilingly waved her hand in front of my face and said.

“No, please don’t mind me. Yes, yes, I heard about it! You’re going to unveil the Sacred Beasts this afternoon, aren’t you? Yesterday, at dinner time, there was a lot of talk about it in the cafeteria!”

Sei and I froze at Mariel-chan’s words.

“… Huh?”
“Eh…? This, after noon…?”
“Yes, everyone said so, they are all going to come… is it wrong?”

I wasn’t told it would be today!?

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