Chapter 479.1

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The Headmaster never said anything about this afternoon.

“Umm, Mariel-san. We were just approached about this yesterday…”
“Yeah, I’m sure they haven’t decided when we are going to do it yet.”
“Eh, really? But the upperclassmen said so, and… the underclassmen who heard it were talking about sneaking out to see it, you know!?”


It’s not that Headmaster just forgot to inform us, right?
I don’t think they are going to do it so hastily, no matter how much they want to… if we are to debut them today, they should have talked to us about it yesterday.

“… Miss Cristea. Let’s contact the Headmaster after the class. Even if we can’t see the Headmaster, we can ask Pamela-san, and she might be able to tell us something.”
“Yes, you are right. For now, let’s hurry up so that we won’t be late for class.”

I agreed with Sei’s suggestion and headed for the auditorium.

“As we entered the auditorium, the buzzing room went… silent.
Eh, what is this atmosphere?
I sat down on an empty seat, feeling uncomfortable as I was being looked at from all over the sides.
The buzz gradually returned, but even after we were seated, many students kept glancing at us, making it hard to relax.

“This is because of the rumor, right?”
“It appears so. Everyone’s been waiting in anticipation since yesterday.”

I don’t want to check the seats behind me, but the students in the front rows were watching us and whispering something to each other happily.
Ugh… looks like they have pretty high expectations.
Of course, the chance to see a Sacred Beast up close is essentially zero.
But now that two Sacred Beast contractors have suddenly appeared in the academy, one would expect to be able to see a real Sacred Beast soon.
Of course, they would want to see them. If it were me, I would want to see them, too.
I can’t imagine what kind of criticism I would get if I said, “I won’t show them to you!
“… hieh!
As I was thinking about this, the buzz in the auditorium grew louder again.

“There’s a bird inside!”
“Eh, where did it come from”
“No, that’s not a bird, that’s a Mailbird!”

I looked up to see what the commotion was about and saw a white bird flying towards us.


The moment the white bird landed on the desk, it transformed into a letter.

“Wow… this is my first time seeing a spell like this.”
“You can do something like that with magic?”

The seats in the front rows seemed to be full of commoners who had never seen communication magic before, and they were looking at us curiously.
Even the ones in the back were whispering, “So Mailbirds are used even nowadays?”

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