Chapter 479.2

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Nowadays, in the noble district, it is considered noble behavior for a squire to go out of his way to deliver a letter unless it is very important, urgent, or not too far from the house. It’s a hassle.
Otousama introduced a magic phone because he found such things annoying.
Well, he seemed to be reluctant to use it when he had to follow the formalities, but he told me before that it’s not rational, so he wanted to make sure that the exchange of letters is still done well according to the time and occasion.
I heard that back in the day, when they were exchanging secret letters via Mailbirds, they were sometimes stolen or shot down by spies. Scary.
I remember in Teacher Marlen’s lecture, he said that a high-ranking magician would be able to overlay the Mailbird with magic that strengthened its defense and speed so that it wouldn’t be easily stolen.
In addition, the exchange of letters of nobility between territories uses a small warp magic circle, so now the mainstream is the warp magic circle, which is safe and reliable for long distances.
It’s not a major form of magic anymore, but there are a certain number of people who use Mailbird for simple communication over short distances because it’s so convenient.
It’s a communication method that can be easily used in an academy like this.
It seems that Mrs. Dora often sends messages regarding their work to Miria.
I think they should use a magic phone, but since it’s regarding their work, it’s more convenient to send a mail that you can keep as a memo.

Aside from that, I looked at the letter in front of me and saw that it was addressed to me and Sei.
When I took the letter and turned it over, I saw that it was stamped with the academy’s crest and the name of the sender was… the Headmaster’s!?
I gave Sei a look, cut the seal, and opened the letter.
It said in neat handwriting, “Both of you are excused from class, so please come to the Headmaster’s office.”
… Eh, right now?
I was about to ask Sei, who was looking at the letter next to me, what we were going to do when the lecturer walked in.

“Seinoshin Shikishima-kun, Miss Cristea Ellisfeed, the letter must have arrived by now, right? Head to the Headmaster’s office immediately.”

The same lecturer from yesterday saw us and instructed us.

“O… okay. But, the lesson…”
“If you have a good understanding of the exam, you will have no problem not attending today’s class. Go quickly. You already know how to get there, right?”
“Yes, understood.”


We packed our bags and stood up from our seats.
Oh… I’m going to make Mariel-chan feel alone again.
I glanced at Mariel-chan, and she gave me a small wave under her desk and sent me off with a mouthful of “See you later”.
I gave her a small nod, and Sei and I walked quickly out of the auditorium, past the bustling students.
I’m not sure if we are the only new students to be summoned to the Headmaster’s office so soon after enrolling…
I have never done anything wrong, but I feel like I’m in trouble.

Sei and I were heading for the Headmaster’s office, remembering the route we took yesterday with the lecturer.
It was not a complicated route, so we soon arrived at the magic elevator, opened the doors and got in.

“The Headmaster’s call must be about the afternoon’s debut.”
“Yeah. Since the Headmaster called us out of the blue like this, maybe he didn’t know about it either?”
“I’m not sure what could have been decided without the Headmaster’s decision, though…? But if it had been decided, he would have told us about it yesterday.”

Hmm… while I was racking my brains, we reached the floor we wanted, so we got out of the elevator and headed straight for the Headmaster’s office.

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