Chapter 479.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Excuse me, Sei Shikishima and Cristea Ellisfeed have come.”

We arrived before the anteroom of the Headmaster’s office and Sei knocked and spoke out.

“Please come in.”

The door swung open and Pamela-san, the secretary, welcomed us.

“I apologize. We had just called you yesterday and now…”
“No, we just had some questions we wanted to ask anyway.”

Pamela-san led us into the Headmsaetr’s office, where the Headmaster and Teacher Neil were sitting on the sofa waiting for us.

“Ohh, sorry for calling you over again, you two. There’s been a slight mishap… well, sit down first.”

His usual good-natured smile turned a little troubled.

“A mishap… it’s about this afternoon, I pressume?”

When Sei sat down and asked this, the Headmaster put his hand on his forehead and looked up.

“Ahh… the rumors have reached you as well, I see. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I have heard that some students spread rumors in the dormitory when they heard the lecturers talking about my approaching you in the staff building, and before I knew it, the rumors about a debut tomorrow afternoon being held spread around…”

So, only a part of the students were supposed to attend, but because of the rumors, the rest of the students wanted to see them, too and came to the staff building early this morning.
Wow. It must have been a tough morning…
I heard that Teacher Neil came over and dismissed them, telling them that things will be fine and to head to class.
No, that’s not fine. What’s fine about this?
I looked at Teacher Neil with a frown, and he hurried to make an excuse.

“No, you see, Byakko-sama and the others are aware of this, so it’s fine. In addition, the Byakko-sama told me to gather all the people.”
“Tora did!?”

What are you doing, Byakko-sama!

“Toraa! Come here!”

It seems that Sei was also upset that the Byakko-sama had agreed to this without permission, so he stood up and called out for him in a slightly raised voice.

“Oh? What’s up. Aren’t you supposed to be in a class?”
“Bya, Byakko-samaa!”


Seeing Byakko-sama that appeared by the warp magic, thinking that he was saved, Teacher Neil tried to stand up from the sofa and leave, but Pamela-san stopped him by holding his shoulders.

“What’s up your butt! I heard that you gave instructions to gather the students!”

Sei, who was usually well-behaved in front of adults, was angry. It’s scary when a normally quiet beauty gets angry!

“Ah? Ah~ you see. We might as well get all the trouble out of the way, right? That’s why I arranged for this guy to gather everyone together.”

Byakko-sama grinned.
Kuh… I want to hit him for that smile.
Normally, Sei would already hit him with his usual iron-ribbed fan, but he stopped himself and clenched his fists.
… Ahh~ you will have it tough later, Byakko-sama.

“… I apologize for my Sacred Beast.”

Sei turned to the Headmaster and apologized with a deep bow.

“No, we would also prefer to have it done all at once for the future. Let’s get this over with before some fool comes along and messes with you.”
“Yeah, yeah! We don’t want anyone barging into our dorm.”

I don’t want to be told that by you, Teacher Neil.

“I’m sorry to bother you both this suddenly, but would it be alright if we gathered the students this afternoon?”
“… Yes.”

Sei had difficulty refusing because of Byakko-sama… there’s no way I can refuse here by my own.

“Yes, I also don’t mind.”

I replied, and the Headmaster smiled with relief.

“Well then, since we are here, let’s discuss the afternoon’s debut. Can you call the other Sacred Beasts over?”

If the Byakko-sama and Teacher Neil team up again, things might get bigger, so we have to be careful in the future. Don’t let them mix together, it’s dangerous.
Hah~ a debut this afternoon, huh… it’s too sudden, but it cannot be helped.
I called Kurogane and Mashiro via telekinesis while preparing for the worst to come.

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