Chapter 480.1

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Finally, the debut!
After the meeting in the afternoon, the Headmaster treated us to lunch in his office, as he didn’t think we would have time to go back to the dorm.
I was expecting to be served a greasy menu, but to my surprise, we were served a sandwich of thinly sliced black bread with plenty of vegetables and grilled Orc meat, and fruit water.

“Surprised? I’ve been eating nothing but quick sandwiches for lunch lately. Besides, at my age, the meals of nobility are too heavy for me. Oh, yes, I’ve bought some of the recipes that Miss Cristea has registered with the Merchant’s Guild, and my wife loves them because they are so easy to eat.”
“Th, thank you very much.”

I’m glad that the Headmaster bought the recipes and likes them… At least it means that the Headmaster doesn’t think I’m a Repulsive food eating lady.

“Now, don’t worry about manners. Eat a lot.”

The Headmaster took the initiative to pick up a sandwich and started eating it, so we didn’t hesitate to eat too.
The sandwiches were simple in taste and not bad at all, but since the Sacred Beasts didn’t ask for more as usual, I’m sure they didn’t have enough.
I guess it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.
Hmm, maybe they will ask for a snack later…

“Well, we better get going.”

After enjoying a cup of tea after lunch, the Headmaster checked his pocket watch, stood up quickly, and led us out of his office.
When we walked out the back door of the staff building, Teacher Neil, who had finished his meal and left the room earlier, was waiting with a carriage.

“Come up, get inside.”

As we climbed into the carriage, Teacher Neil closed the door, climbed up to the driver’s platform, and sat down next to the driver.
As if on cue, the carriage began to speed off in the opposite direction of the special dormitory.

“I would like to explain again, we are heading to the training grounds where the magic lessons are held. We have set up a viewing area, so the students will be able to see you there.”

When I looked out the window, I saw a large building with a domed roof.

“There is a magic barrier between the observatory and the training grounds to prevent the effects of magic. Of course, any attacks from the observatory to the training grounds will be nullified as well.”

It’s not only to prevent people from accidentally attacking the observatory during a practical test, but also to prevent people from sabotaging or cheating from the observatory.

“It’s held here so that we all can feel a peace of mind, I see.”

The Headmaster nodded to Sei’s words.

“That’s right. I’m sure there will be warnings at the event to make sure that no one is in a hurry to challenge you to a duel for the right to become the master of the Sacred Beasts, but just in case.”

Eh… that’s scary.
I have no intention of accepting a duel or anything like that, but it means there might be people who will challenge me, right?
Oh no—! If they do, there’s no way Kurogane and Mashiro will keep quiet!
I reminded them again, “No fighting or punishments, okay!”
They seemed unhappy, but if something happened, it would be me who would get punished, so they have to put up with it for my sake.
Since I was busy reminding them to keep quiet, the Headmaster thought I was scared

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