Chapter 480.2

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Finally, the debut!
“It’s understandable for you to be scared, Miss Cristea. When Neil was a student, he was often ordered by high-ranking nobles to hand over his rare monster that he had captured, or to bet against them for this Magic Beasts because they thought they were more suitable masters.”
“Teacher Neil was…?”
“Umu. Some monsters will obey their masters only if they become attached to them. Neil managed to gain its trust only after taking care of it with a lot of patience. Some fools tried to snatch it away from him. But Neil refused to do so, saying that a Magic Beast contract is not that simple. That’s why Neil stayed at the academy as a lecturer of Monsterology to pass on the correct knowledge of monsters.”

Heeh… as expected of the monster nerd that is Teacher Neil. However, not many people take Monsterology seriously, except those who want to become adventurers. Many learn only the basics, so few of the upperclassmen major in it.”

Oh my.
I’m sure the nobility may want a Magic Beast as a pet, but they won’t be as into monsters as Teacher Neil, and the commoners may want to learn about monsters to defeat them because they want to be adventurers, as the Headmaster said, but they wouldn’t master in it.
Wow… maybe lecturing on Monsterology may be a surprisingly unfortunate job.

“I’m sure Neil teaches his students about Sacred Beast contracts and Magic Beast contracts in his lectures on Monsterology, but for the past few years, all the students have been bringing in small, trained Magic Beasts as pets, and no one has tried to capture and contract them themselves. But then, people who contracted with Sacred Beasts suddenly entered the academy. So now, the whole academy is in a state of excitement, thinking that they too can become a contractor. But all of them don’t have any proper knowledge about contracts. Neil is very concerned about that.”

That’s why they appealed us to stay within the special dormitory as much as possible.

“However, things cannot stay like this forever. I apologize to you and all the Sacred Beasts, but I want you to rest assured that we will make it known that the Sacred Beast contract is not something that can be taken away from you by defeating you in a fight.”

The Headmaster looked at us with a serious expression, and Sei and I nodded our heads.

“Well, we will be very persuasive regarding this matter. We will make sure it is known that we don’t give a crap about anyone except our Lords.”

Byakko-sama who had his arms folded behind his head yawned.


“Tora, get a grip.”

Sei slapped Byakko-sama’s knees.

“Yesyes. At any rate, the arrangement was that the Headmaster and others would go to the practice area first to explain the situation. Then we we’ll be called up afterwards… Right?”

When Byakko-sama asked, Headmaster nodded slowly.

“Indeed. I apologize, but as said before, I would like you to appear in your Sacred Beast forms.”
“Yeah, I have no objection to that, since it would be confusing for everyone to see Sacred Beasts in human forms when summoned.”
“Thank you very much.”

As he watched the Headmaster bow, Byakko-sama lowered his folded hands and said.

“And so, you don’t have a problem with humanizing during that, right?”
“Yes, well… I have confirmed that Leon-sama has no problem of officially revealing that Sacred Beasts are able to humanize. Leon-sama himself does not seem to have the intention of showing his humanized form in public, though…”

The Headmaster replied in a reserved manner and looked at Byakko-sama.

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