Chapter 359

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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We somehow managed to get in touch.
“Lord, I have returned.”

Just as I was thinking of retiring to the bed because I was getting tired of waiting, Kurogane returned.

“It took you a while, didn’t it? I was thinking of going to sleep already.”
“Sorry, that idiot Byakko detained me, so I returned late.”

Kurogane made a discontent face and quickly returned to his Sacred Beast appearances.

“Thank you for your hard work. Was everyone doing fine?”

I patted Kurogane as if comforting him and inquired about the situation of Sei and others.

“Umu. I met up with Byakko, but that fellow was needlessly vigorous. That fellow is so bored he made me accompany him for a drink.”
“Oh, my goodness…”

Imagining the bored Byakko-sama and the complaining Kurogane drinking at the bar, I smiled wryly.

“I handed the letter to Byakko. I will be going to get their reply early in the morning.”
“Thank you, Kurogane. Ah right, the bacon…”
“No, it’s already late in the night. Let’s leave it for tomorrow after I get the reply.”
“Eh, but…”
“Hey there! We were waiting for you to return, alright! We won’t be able to eat if you keep saying something like that!”

Bang, bang! Kaguya who waited hit the floor in protest.

“Hmm? Why do you have to eat the bacon too?”
“We are going to eat too, alright! Even though we were waiting for you to return, we will now be starving by tomorrow!”

I certainly told them to “Wait for Kurogane’s return” but…

“We did wait. But, it’s certainly late, so I am fine to wait for tomorrow.”
“Wha-! T, traitor~!”

Kaguya thought that Mashiro was on her side, so it seems that she has received a shock.

“It’s already Cristea’s bedtime. Can’t be helped.”
“Umu. I can’t think of eating when I think that it could harm Lord’s health.”


Oh stop it you, I feel ticklish from all the gentleness.

“Ugh… ca, can’t be helped then. Tomorrow is absolute, though!”

Feeling that she was at a disadvantage, Kaguya yielded.

“You sure? If it’s just grilled with salt, then I can do it quickly.”
“Don’t worry about it, Lord. We will have high expectations tomorrow. Now then, quickly go to sleep.”

Kurogane reacted to my words by concealing Kaguya with his tail and he urged me to sleep.

“R, really? Then, I shall accept your offer…”

I went to take a bath first while giving a sidelong glance at Kaguya who was held back by Kurogane and Mashiro next to her.




The next day, Kurogane went to the Bastea Company again and returned with a reply from Sei.

“Lord, I have returned.”
“Thank you, Kurogane. Welcome back.”

I received the letter and prepared the promised thick slices of bacon in various dishes, such as Spanish omelets.
While everyone was eating happily, I decided to read Sei’s reply.

The letter started with the words of thanks “Thank you for the many dishes.”
They were apparently able to reach the Capital without being troubled about the food. Ahh, I am glad to hear that.
It seems that they were about to run out of stocks, so they were thankful for the resupply.
… Byakko-sama and others ate so much food, huh. I’m glad I had a bad feeling.
At this rate, Byakko-sama might have secretly come over to demand food. That was a close one…
Regarding my visit of the Bastea Company, the letter said: “If we say that we got to know each other at the store previously, we will have an excuse at the academy” and also “I will make sure to stay inside during the time of your visit.” And because I will be together with Mariel-chan: “I will strictly instruct Byakko and others to not carelessly address you too intimately” therefore, I will be able to visit the Bastea Company without worries.
All that’s left is to not act too unnaturally as acquaintances in the academy…

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