Chapter 488.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Conversation with Okaasama (1)
C, court me!?
Oniisama continued talking without noticing that I was shaking through the hand he was holding.

“Of course, while we are at the academy, we will treat each other as brother and sister. I will not ignore Cristea’s feelings.”
“Naturally, forcing your feelings onto her is inexcusable.”

Otousama glared at Oniisama.
Nono, a child of ten years of age wouldn’t do anything like that… right?
Hmm, I think it’s possible in this world… what a scary world.
I know that Oniisama would never do something like that, though.

“I want to cherish Tea. So I am always thinking of her happiness first.”

Oniisama said this and gently held my hand as if he was wrapping it around his own.
I told you I don’t have a tolerance for this kind of thing!
The palms of my hands started sweating. Hieeeh…!
Okaasama stood up suddenly and stroked Oniisama’s cheek, looking at him with a nostalgic and loving expression.

“’If that is what you have decided, then fine. I will respect your feelings. As for me, I would like her to be engaged to His Highness Raymond… But, Norman, don’t forget that I wish for your happiness as well.”
“Yes, thank you very much… Mother.”

Oniisama smiled shyly and looked at me.

“Tea, you can stay the same as you have always been. I will just try to make sure you choose me.”
“Eh, ah? Er, umm, that…”

I had a strange voice because I was suddenly asked to speak.
Ugh, Okaasama stared at me as if saying, “You are not acting as a proper lady!”

“Yes, I understand…”

Oniisama smiled and tried to pull the hand he was holding to his mouth.

“N, ahem!”


Just before he kissed the back of my hand, he heard our Otousama’s cough, and Oniisama looked over.

“… What is it, Father.”
“I thought you were supposed to treat each other as brother and sister?”

At Otousama’s grumpy words, Oniisama’s gently removed his hand from mine with an air of reluctance.

“I told you that as long as we are at the academy. Other than that, I’m going to make an effort to get her to choose me.”
“… I will not forgive you if you don’t put Cristea’s feelings first.”
“Of course. Right, Tea?”

What do you want me to say with that big smile on your face?

“Erm, umm…”
“… Cristea. Let’s talk for a little?”

Okaasama stood up with a smile.

“Let’s go to your room. Come on.”
“Y, yes…”

Oh no, I have a feeling this is going to be a sermon.

Maybe she’s going to scold me with something like, “How can you not reply with a smile to something of this extent!”
I had no choice but to stand up, and Oniisama stood up as well.

“I will walk you to your room.”
“No, Norman, it’s okay, the Sacred Beasts are with us. You should stay here and talk to your father some more.”
“… Yes.”

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