Chapter 487.3

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Additional report…!?
“… It was Miss Alicia Gruzier. She’s Tea’s classmate, and she has been hostile to her the entire time.”
“Marquis Gruzier’s family, huh… that makes sense, since that family is one of the leading candidates for His Highness Raymond’s betrothal… however.”
“You say she lashed out at our child because of some petty jealousy? Fufu… She has got some nerve.”

O, Okaasama was smiling too, but she looked hella scary!?
She and Oniisama are similar in this way… Oh, Oniisama is actually Otousama’s little sister’s child, isn’t he?
Okaasama and Oniisama are not related by blood.
But they have been mother and son all their lives, so I think their little gestures, words, and actions are very similar.
… Huh, I see now. So by the ‘report’ he meant to inform them that I am aware that he and I are not blood related!

“Oh well, if Marquis Gruzier’s family tries to do something to you again, just let us know. A little squabble like that is not enough reason for us to retaliate.”
“Yes, I know. Tea, if something happens again, you have to let us know, okay?”
“Eh, umm.”
“Even though they are a Marquis family, they are lower in rank compared to our family. Do not let her look down on you.”
“Y, yes…”

That being said… it’s not mature of me to be blindsided by the jealous rantings of a child… no, I’m a child too, now.
I don’t know about others, but I for sure would have not revealed what your Oniisama kept secret from you without his permission.
From the way Mariel-chan was acting, it seems that outside of our family, it was an open secret, or rather, something that was natural to know.
Well, a young lady from the Duke’s family, eloping with a low-ranking nobleman, is a scandalous story.
I’m sure that back then, although a love affair between their different statuses would have been a subject of many rumors, people wouldn’t have gone out of their way to talk about it.
Only a handful of nobles would have had the guts to do such a thing to Otousama’s family.
I think the Marquis Gruzier was probably one of those handful.
They are even aiming for the position of His Highness Raymond’s fiancée.
I would be happy if I could tell him that I have no intention of doing the same, and keep a good distance.

“Tea, are you listening?”
“Eh? Umm, erm…”
“You wasn’t listening, huh?”
“… I’m sorry.”

Ugh, Oniisama looked at me tiredly.


“Well, that’s fine. And so… Father, Mother. I told Tea… Cristea, that my heart was beating for her.”
“… Eh.”

Oniisama grasped my hand.
Eh, hey, what are you doing all of sudden!?

“… I see.”
“Oh my!”
“My feelings have not changed since the time I told you about it. If Tea does not find someone else to her liking by the time she comes of age, please give me the chance to court her.”

Oniisama, wa, wait a minute!?

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