Chapter 249

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The tea party is progressing harmoni… nn?
“… and that’s what happened!!”

Kya! Lily-sama spoke embarrassedly with hands on her cheeks.

… This is a certain gazebo in one of the many gardens of the royal palace in the Capital of the Doristan Kingdom.

Over here, the queen of this country Liliana-sama, the most dignified woman among the nobles Duchess Anrietta Ellisfeed, and I her daughter Cristea are having a highly private tea party.

Having a tea party outside, seems like we will freeze… is what I thought, but the garden is encircled with barrier magic stones and a magic circle preventing attacks from outside and the temperature inside is kept at a suitable temperature like a greenhouse, so it’s apparently pleasant here all year round. The hell is that, ain’t that super convenient~!

Moreover, as for what the “… and that’s what happened” was about, Okaasama and Her Majesty Lily-sama were talking about the beginning of the romances with their husbands Otousama and His Majesty the King.

In truth, it was apparently my Okaasama (!) who was supposed to marry His Majesty, but he went on a visit to Lily-sama’s Viscount house and held great love for her until the academy, where he completely broke off the engagement with Okaasama… and stuff.
That would make Okaasama very pitiful, but she loved her childhood friend Otousama in the first place and Otousama actually loved Okaasama as well, so… Otousama who had no fiancée at the time pursued Okaasama who… was grieving over her discarded engagement and they lived happily after… apparently. Moreover, people were objecting that Lily-sama’s house of Viscount wouldn’t bring a good balance to His Majesty’s marriage, so Okaasama’s paternal house of Marquis adopted Lily-sama as their daughter, which makes more or less, sisters unrelated by blood.

Wha… what is this? What is this light novel-like breaking off the engagement story! Moreover, it was settled amicably with no bad ending!
I haven’t heard, I haven’t heard of this before-!

Eh, isn’t the story completely finished then? You mean that I have reincarnated in such light novel or Otome-like world after everything came to the conclusion? Or is this the next generation volume??
… No, I have no guarantee that I have not reincarnated in the light novel or Otome world, so it can’t be helped that I think this way. Ugh… I don’t have any memories of getting an explanation from a God, like is often the case in light novels, so I can’t be sure…

Because I was listening to Lily-sama’s story while worrying about various things, I might have had a strange attitude.
Lily-sama looked at me worriedly.

“… therefore, you see? In the past, His Majesty wanted to engage you with Raymond! That’s what he was saying, but I have no intentions of forcing you into the engagement, okay? If there’s a person you like, then being with him is what matters.”

… Eh? What does she mean?

“… Lily? What are you saying?”

When I looked at Lily-sama in puzzlement, Okaasama rebuked her.

“I mean! Didn’t you also had it difficult at that time because you were told so many things! A miserable lady whose engagement got broken… just because of me…”

Lily-sama adorably frowned and nearly burst into tears.

“… It’s fine. I also got to be together with the person I love after all.”
“~~! An~~~!”

There, there, Okaasama patted Lily-sama’s head.

“Leaving our past behind, the Crown Prince can’t stay without a fiancée forever. You understand, right? The nobility has something called duty towards the royalty.”
“… Ugh…”

Lily-sama couldn’t refute Okaasama’s admonishing words.

… Crap. It’s developing into something bad.

“What is that, that answer… you, what do you think of His Highness Raymond?”
“Eh? What do I…?”
“! That’s right! There’s no problem if you like each other, right? How about it? Cristea-chan! What do you think of our son??”

Lily-sama stared at me with sparkling eyes.

Darn it. I lowered my guard because of Okaasama’s and Lily-sama’s romance talk!
This, how do I avoid this~!?

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