Chapter 248

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The result of poison tasting.
“Eh…? Helena, surely not…!?”

Lily-sama’s asked with a surprised expression.

Eh? Surely not…? What?

“Yes… this is… wonderful. In spite of this being a poison testing, I end up eating it all. It’s no inferior to the sweets we received the last time… no, both of them possess their own charm… I was foolish for trying to compare them.”

… Haa?

“Hey!? Helena!! It’s fine already, right? Even though it’s a formality, it’s sly of you to always taste it before me in the name of poison testing! There’s no way An’s daughter would try to poison me! Geez! Quickly let me eat it please!”

Lily-sama urged Helena on while indignant.

Ehhh… it wasn’t poison testing but sampling-!?

While I was dumbfounded, quickly, quickly, Lily-sama rushed Helena. Okaasama seemed to be used to it as she unconcernedly drank her tea.

… Ugh, even though my heart was pounding because thought I did something to be guilty of…

“Yes, yes. I will cut it up immediately.”
“Ah! I want to eat a lot! Cut me a bigger one, okay!”
“That won’t do. Have you not overeaten the last time and didn’t appear at the dinner which worried His Majesty?”
“Ugh… there was no helping it, it was too tasty after all.”

Helena cut the apple pie while admonishing Lily-sama like a child. She somehow looks like Lily-sama’s mother.

“Thank you for your patience.”

The cut up apple pie was served before us.

“Wow… looks delicious! Ufufu, I will eat, okay? Cristea-chan!”

Cha… chan??

“… Y, yes. I hope it suits your tastes…”

Lily-sama cheerfully cut a piece of the apple pie and put it into her mouth.

Chew, chew, chew… I waited for the impressions while Lily-sama quietly chewed.



Lily-sama started kicking her legs in silence.

“… Delish! The one I ate before was also delicious, but this is also unique!”

A smile blossomed on Lily-sama’s face.
I, I’m glad…

“Let’s see, I thought the apples were sour, but… similarly to the jam, were they cooked with honey? They are sweet and sour… when eaten with the rich cream under, there’s nothing I can say. Moreover, this… crispy thing wrapping the apples… is that the pie? It tastes good and the texture is amusing. The parts in contact with the simmered apples and cream are so soft…”

O… oh? It’s rare for Okaasama to praise this much. She’s usually only nodding in agreement with Otousama’s food reportage.
… I wonder if she’s just trying not to interrupt Otousama who talks too much?

“N~ geez. Like husband, like wife. Delicious things are delicious! Can’t you say just that?”
“I just wanted to give words of compliment for the delicious dish I received.”

In contrast with Lily-sama who simply expressed how she feels, Okaasama narrated what she felt. These two are so contrastive, aren’t they…

“”Can I have another one?””

The hands and mouths of the two didn’t stop while they were talking, so they finished eating in no time.

“… You will lose out on dinner again, you know?”

Helena seemed exhausted. I understand her feelings.

“There’s a different stomach for sweet and delicious things! All the more if they have both! Hey, Helena may eat too!”

Okaasama nodded to Lily-sama’s insistence. They get along, don’t they?

“… Just a little, alright?”

Ah, she yielded… rather, Helena must have wanted to eat it as well as I saw her cut a slightly larger piece for herself.

… Okaasama? Were nobles not supposed to peck at the food like small birds…?

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