Chapter 247

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Now then, let the tea party begin.
“Now, now, let’s not talk while standing. Please, sit down.”

Helena urged us to sit down in an exhausted manner.

“Oh my, that’s right. Even though you could have waited while sitting.”

At Helena’s words, the queen… no, Lily-sama invited us to the gazebo.

“Wouldn’t it be painful if you directly crashed into me if we were sitting??”

I see, you were able to catch and ward off that vigor because you were standing… no, you didn’t ward her off, right?? You have caught her directly, didn’t you? Okaasama…

“As expected, I wouldn’t plunge straight into the gazebo.”

Ufufu, Lily-sama replied while laughing, but I don’t think that vigor would have stopped just before the gazebo…

“I would like Lily-sama to act more calmly.”

Helena cautioned Lily-sama with a frown while elegantly preparing tea, but the person in question wasn’t concerned at all.

“I’m doing it properly while on the official business. What was I do if I lost focus at those times?”
“… You better be careful with your actions because it can ruin everything.”
“… Yesss.”

She obediently(?) replies when it’s Okaasama cautioning her, huh?

Seeing Helena brewing the tea, I remembered the present.

“U, umm… I brought some pastry I baked…”

Saying such, I presented the case with the apple pie.
Because there are no cardboard boxes, I put it on a plate in a wooden box.

“Oh my, a pastry? So delightful! The sweets Raymond brought the last time were also very delicious… Helena! Let’s eat that on this occasion!”
“Lily-sama… haa. I understand.”

Sighing as if saying what a troublesome person, Helena received the wooden box and moved a wagon to the back.
A light meal must have been prepared on that wagon. Crap… was my timing too early??
I’m concerned whether that wasn’t perhaps a tea-cake… will they serve it later??

Helena opened the wooden box and “My… this is…?” took a long hard look inside.
Ha! I should have explained!

“It’s my new product, carefully simmered apples in a baked dough called a pie.”
“”New product!?””

Lily-sama and Helena took the bait at the same time. Okaasama heard about it before, so her expression of relaxed.

“Yes, a new product made by my daughter. Even I have not eaten it yet.”

Fufun, Okaasama made a smug face… no, you have not eaten it yet so making a smug face is…

“I will be the first to try it then! Helena! Please, quickly cut it up!”

Lily-sama urged happily.

I’m sorry. Our Head Chef and my contracted beasts had it before you… she will be happier if I keep silent, yeah.

Helena first cut a small piece and placed it on a plate. With the words “Excuse me”, she ate a mouthful.
Ah… a poison testing! I see, well of course. They won’t know whether the stuff carried from outside is safe. Darn it. I should have offered to test it for poison myself.

Helena closed her eyes and quietly chewed.
I have not put any poison in it, but my heart couldn’t help but pound.
Helena who suddenly opened her eyes put the rest into her mouth without saying anything.

… Huh?

Chew, chew, chew…
We waited for Helena’s words.
The time passed in silence.

“Hey… Helena? How is it?”

Getting impatient, Lily-sama timidly inquired from Helena.

“Lily-sama… this is… not good.”

What? What’s the matter? Did something bad got it!? That can’t be!

Did I do something to be guilty of? Am I going to get punished by any chance!?

Whawhawhat do I do!?

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