Chapter 30

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This cuteness… is a sin!
And you won’t believe this! O-Sei-chan is a “contractor” who contracted a sacred beast.

“Oh dear…! Sei-sama formed a contract with a sacred beast…?!”

Miria who stood at the side of the table exclaimed in surprise.
Sacred beast contractors are that rare. In the first place, the opportunity to see a sacred beast is almost nonexistent.

“Umu. It’s a bit different from the sacred beasts of this country though…”

Hmm. Contract with a scared beast, huh… is she perhaps of a Miko-ish standing in Yahatul? Is it fine? To study abroad… is it unexpectedly a liberal country around that matter?

“What kind of sacred beast is it?”
“… Want to see it?”
“”By all means!!””
“Fumu. Sure thing… Tora, come out.”

When O-Sei-chan called after a wee bit of consideration, puff and what appeared was…

“… U!!”

I got surprised. But, I can somehow understand.

“Oh my…! What a pure white, beautiful fur…!”

Miria admired while astonished by the sacred beast’s sudden appearance at the same time.

“Umu, it’s Byakko. It’s considered a divine beast in our country.”

No, yeah. I know, it’s Byakko! But…

“C, cute…!”

Tiger, well it’s tiger, but a mini-sized one. Roughly kitten-sized!
It’s slightly chubbier, its legs are fatty-ish, and its body is more solid than cat’s, so un, a young tiger?
However, what fine fur…! It looks fluffy…!?
Uwaa… t… I want to touch it…!

“In foreign countries, it gets this small not to waste its divine powers. Originally, it’s larger and more terrifying.”

I believe you. White tigers are cool, aren’t they!
Ahh! But, this size, this cuteness… is a sin! Guilty!

“Ah… how do you do, Byakko-sama. I’m called Cristea.”

I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. I introduced myself with a smile. If possible, I think that I would like to touch this wonderful fur to the fullest, so first impressions are important.

“Gau! (Ou! Best regards!)”

N? I think I might have heard something…?

Nn? … Was it just my imagination?
I feel like I’ve heard somewhat gaudish male voice from somewhere…?
Thinking whether the giant of a man returned, I restlessly looked around.
… Only O-Sei-chan and Miria are around… huhh? How weird…

“Cristea-dono? Is something the matter?”
“… Ah, no. It’s nothing.”

O-Sei-chan was worried about my uncomposed state.
Huhh?… Was it just my imagination? Oh well.

Rather than that! There, I would like to mofumofu and touch Byakko-sama by all means! Mofumofu!
A chance like this won’t appear so often!

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