Chapter 31

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Secondary voice? I hear it.
“Umm… Sei-sama? Would it be all right for me to touch Byakko-sama…?”
“Yeah, of course. It’s fine, he won’t bite. Right? Tora.”

O-Sei-chan here, presented Byakko-sama to me when I timidly asked, so I hugged him so I wouldn’t drop him.


Fuwaaaa… mofumofu…! It’s mofumofu~!
Waan! This fur! Can’t get enough…!
I take my words back! Mofumofu is justice…!
It’s the start of the supreme bliss super mofu time!

Fufufu… with this Goldfinger technique I acquired from the stray cats in the downtown, I shall conquer Byakko-sama…!

“Gaugau, gururu… (if possible, I wanted to be held by that huge-breasted Oneechan~ Na~ ah a bit stronger over there…).”

… Nn? What’d you say?!
Miria certainly has outrageously big boobs, but?!
I? As for me? I’m still a child, you know! I’m still developing!! Okaasama also has outrageously huge boobs, so my future is promising, you know!! … That’s not it! Yeah, this voice again…

“Oy, Tora. Stop the idle chatter and behave.”

O-Sei-chan cautioned Byakko-sama with a frown. Eh, su, surely not…

“Gau? Gauu. (Na? It’s fine! She can’t hear me anyway, right~?)”

Byakko-sama answered lazily while relaxing under my Goldfinger technique.
Seriously… this is…

“It’s all right… I can hear you.”
“Gau!? (Wa? You’re lying, right!?”

O-Sei-chan and Byakko-sama are shocked.

“Unfortunately… that I’m not lying… I’m sorry for being meager in various ways, okay?”

Ufufu… When I said such while cracking a smile, Byakko-sama straightened his posture with a jolt. He feels extremely awkward.

What’s really unfortunate is… Byakko-sama, your old fart remarks!! … Is what I thought, but I stopped myself from saying it to the sacred beast.
Look, I’m an adult in a child’s body! Therefore! I deal with it like an adult!

“Gau… (Seriously…).”
“Tora… you fool…”

It appears that O-Sei-chan doesn’t know how to deal with Byakko-sama… hmm… the sight of a suffering beauty also makes a picture, huh… I thought about not having a picture-like body without being aware that this was the start of my own suffering.

“Err… is something the matter?”

Only Miria was puzzled without noticing the situation. Her hands were impatiently waiting to touch Byakko-sama though.
… Yep, she will be probably happier if she doesn’t find out what just happened?

Mofumofu is justice, but Byakko-sama is guilty as I thought!

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