Chapter 547.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ruby’s Fashion
“Hey, hey! Take a look at this!”

A few days after Sei’s weapon fiasco, Ruby literally bounced up to us as we came downstairs to get breakfast.

“Oh, Ruby, good morning… huh, oh my, are those your new clothes?”

Ruby stood in front of me, puffing out his chest and showing off his new jacket and vest with a smug look on his face.

“That’s right~ Ahem, it looks great, doesn’t it? Look.”

Ruby spun around and showed me that the hem was split in two like a tailcoat, just a little bit so as not to interfere with the movement of the back.
The tail that peeked out from the split was very cute.

“Wow, it’s wonderful. Mariel-san made it, didn’t she?”
“Yes, that’s right! I’m going to have hats and accessories made to go with it, but I couldn’t wait to put it on first, ufufu!”

Ruby spun around in a good mood.
A hat that matches a tailcoat… that means a silk top hat, right?
What, Mariel-chan, you can even make hats?
Isn’t that amazing?

“G, good morning…”

Mariel-chan came down from her room, looking pale and wobbly.

“Good morning… Mariel-san, you don’t seem well, are you okay?”
“Eh? Ahh… I got engrossed in making the costume at night. I’m just a little sleep-deprived and hungry, that’s all.”


The way she smiles with a feeble smile… is like a beautiful, kind-hearted girl, but what she actually is, is a cosplayer who got carried away with making a costume and worked all or half through the night.
I mean, didn’t she die of exhaustion in a previous life because of such recklessness?
Don’t overdo it, ever!

“How can you look so pale and be okay?”
“No, really. I will be fine after I eat my food…”
“Really…? Then, I will make some rice porridge for you, which is good for digestion…”

When I was about to turn around to do it, Mariel-chan grabbed my hand with hers.

“… If, if possible, I would like pork… I mean, I would like to eat Orc soup.”

Mariel-chan was very cute as she fidgeted with her hands wrapped around mine, looking up at me and making a request, but what she requested was not French toast or pancakes, but Orc soup… the gap moe… huh, wasn’t really there.

“Eh… uhm, if it’s Orc soup, I do have the stock for it… you want some?”
“Of course! I will recharge my energy with a bowl of Orc soup with lots of ingredients!”
“A, alright…”
“Yay~! It’s been a long time since I’ve had… never mind, Orc soup, yay!”

Mariel-chan let go of my hand and skipped to the cafeteria.
… Even though you were walking so unsteadily just a minute ago, aren’t you too lively, Mariel-chan!?
Mariel-chan even had a second helping, and by the time she finished eating, she had changed into a beautiful, energetic girl with rosy cheeks. I don’t get it.

After breakfast, we all headed to class.

“Still, you are so dexterous, Mariel-san. You make not only clothes but also accessories, don’t you?”

On the way, I talked to Mariel-chan after remembering Ruby, who sent us off with, “Have a nice daaay! Mariel, come back early, okay♪” in a good mood.

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