Chapter 546

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s coming, it’s coming out…!
When I inquired what Sei was storing after mastering the Inventory, I was met with a mountain of weapons, including knives and wooden swords, as well as concealed weapons…
Eh, I heard that Sei was adopted by a samurai family, but are you sure he wasn’t adopted by ninjas or something?

“Umm, well, what do I say. The more we prepared for assassinations coming our way, the more the number of weapons grew…”

Apparently, on their way from Yahatul to Doristan, the things were stored in Byakko-sama’s Inventory and kept away.
Isn’t that what we call smuggling, one where you can’t get caught at baggage checks and never be found out…?
Inventory is convenient, but depending on how you use it, it can be very dangerous.
I only thought it was a great way to keep food from spoiling, but I have to be careful not to let the wrong people learn it for bad purposes.

“Umm, Sei-san, are you perhaps a combat fanatic…?”

… Seeing Mariel-chan so stunned at the mountain of weapons, I consulted with Sei, and we decided to let Mariel-chan and Ruby on Sei’s secret.
I’m sure that Mariel-chan will cooperate after knowing Sei’s circumstances.

“Sei-san is the illegitimate son of the Emperor of Yahatul…?”
“Hmph… I see. So that’s why you are under the protection of Divine class like Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama.”

Mariel was speechless at the shocking confession, and Ruby nodded his head in understanding.

“I… to be honest, don’t want to be the next Emperor. It was my current parents who raised me, and I don’t have any memories of my deceased birth mother. But that didn’t stop the Imperial Concubine from trying to assassinate me in order to make my half-brother the Emperor. So, not wanting to put my Stepfather and Stepmother in danger, I left Yahatul and sailed across the sea.”
“Oh my, you are experiencing such hardships despite being so young…”
“That… Sei-san, you must be going through so much…!”
“Oh no. I’m having lots of fun every day now, so I’m doing great.”

Sei smiled at Ruby and Mariel-chan, who looked at him with pained expressions.
I see… I’m glad he’s having fun nowadays.

At least it’s safe in the academy, especially in this special dormitory, and everyone is on Sei’s side, so he doesn’t need to worry.
Still, it’s sad to think that he lived in fear of the shadow of assassination every day to the point of carrying weapons like this.


“… That being the case, I think I need to be armed to some extent in case of an assassination…”
“”No, that’s not good.””

Sei gently reached out to store the weapons in his Inventory, but Mariel-chan and I stopped him.
No, we weren’t intimidated.
I’m simply starting to suspect that Sei was simply a weapons enthusiast…
That said, I could understand Sei’s concern, so we all decided to keep it a secret that it was stored in his Inventory on the condition that he would never take it out under normal circumstances.

Afterward, “Sei’s weapons workshop” opened, and he started explaining about the weapons one by one with a big smile on his face to Mariel-chan, who said with reserve, “I’m interested in the weapons of Yahatul…”

Mariel-chan must have been remembering her previous life as she mumbled, “Oh I see, so this is how it was made…” and “Oh… I could have reproduced it better if I had used that material at that time…” and so on. She must have been remembering her previous life as a cosplayer. There were anime about Japanese swords, wasn’t there?
I guess it’s not like “The soul of a three-year-old until a hundred,” but rather, “the soul of a past life until another world” instead.

I was not interested in weapons or combat, so I returned to my room in the middle of the lesson…
The next day, seeing Mariel-chan looking so gaunt and Sei in a good mood, I was convinced that I had made a wise decision in leaving the room halfway.

“You leaving early was the correct decision, you know? They were talking late into the night until your teacher came back, so I had to rush to them to put away the weapons and cover them up… It was a lot of work. Thanks to Mariel’s company, I didn’t get much sleep either.”

Ruby was in a bad mood, and Mariel-chan paused for a moment.

“Nono, Ruby, you dozed off halfway, okay!?”
“What are you saying? If I don’t sleep on a proper bed, I won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep, which is bad for my beauty. What are you going to do if my shiny fur gets dull? Hmm?”
“Ugh… I’m sorry.”
“Good. I will have you tailor clothes for me today as an apology, okay?”
“Ehh!? Don’t you have to go to sleep early today…?”
“Hmm, it can’t be helped. We can’t have your skin get rough either… so do it as soon as possible, okay? I’m looking forward to seeing ‘that’ design take shape!”
“Ugh, yeaaah…”

It seems that Mariel-chan promised to make a costume for Ruby.
Mariel-chan replied reluctantly, but her mouth immediately broke into a smile as if she was happy to hear Ruby’s words, filled with expectation.
I’m envious of Mariel-chan because she used to be a self-made cosplayer and is apparently good at sewing.
I wish I could make something for Mashiro and Kurogane, too, but my talent in the creative direction is not very good… I’m sure I left my artistic sense in my Okaasama’s belly.
How nice, I wish I could talk to them about cooking, which is my specialty… ah, not good.
The only people I could imagine talking to about it would be the Head Chef at the mansion, the Head Chef of the Royal kitchen, and the Head Chef of the academy’s café.

Anyhow, I was reminded that no matter what the genre, otaku were passionate talkers that transcended not only generations, but also the worlds.

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