Chapter 545.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s learn!
That evening, as a sign of support for the start of special training, Sei and Byakko-sama were excused from preparing dinner, but when dinner was ready, Sei came to the dining room and was very limp to the sight.

“… I have no idea what Tora was explaining.”

Right! I thought this would be the case!

“Huh? Why not? You just grab the thing you want to store and push it into a space that isn’t here, and to take it out, you grab the same thing you want to take out and pull it out, right? Isn’t that easy?”

No, that doesn’t explain anything!?

“Umm, Byakko-sama… that kind of explanation might be a little confusing…?”

When I offered a helping hand, Sei looked at me with a sullen look in his eyes.

“Right!? You think so too, Miss Cristea!?”
“Yes, well…”

Sei was unusually desperate. I know that Byakko-sama’s explanations are a bit of a stretch, but just saying that it’s a space that doesn’t belong here, I don’t think people would understand.

“Even if you tell me that…”

“What do you mean by space that isn’t there? Where am I supposed to put the things?”

I understand Sei’s point very well. I understand, but…

“Where on this planet are Miss Cristea and Miss Mariel storing their things!? This thought crossed my mind countless times, but when it comes to learning, I have so many questions…”

Yes, there it is~!
The one thing we can’t answer!
Mariel-chan and I were able to learn it somewhat by feel from our past life’s nerd knowledge, but that’s not the case with Sei.
It is very difficult to explain to someone who has no knowledge or concept of other dimensions or subspace in such a way that they can imagine it.

“Err, umm…”
“It’s better not to think too hard…”


As we puzzled over how to explain it, Sei’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“Even if you tell me not to think about it, there’s no way I can learn something when I don’t even know how it works…”

Ah, he slumped down even more.
Indeed, “Don’t think! Feel!” is like being told to do something reckless.

“Hmm… I will use this magic box to explain it to you.”

Eh, Mariel-chan?

“This bag has the same effect as the Inventory, right? Where do you think the contents of this are stored?”
“Eh…? The inside… in a different place? Huh? Come to think of it, where is it stored?”

Sei is confused!
I am confused too!
Mariel-chan? Is this okay?

“I can’t see it, but I know it’s right there. And it is there, frozen in time. Beyond this bag, there is a big space that you can’t see, but it’s on a shelf there, and it’s just there until the moment it’s taken out of time.”
“Time is stopped, you can’t see it, but it’s there…”
“Think of the Inventory as the magic bag becoming your own invisible pocket. Inside the invisible pocket is a big space, and you store things in there.”

Are you perhaps thinking of a certain pocket!?

“A pocket…”
“Yes. It’s okay to start with a small pocket. As you get used to it, the pocket will get bigger and bigger on its own.”
“Small pocket, get bigger…”
“… I think I understand, yet I don’t understand… but, thank you. I will try a little harder.”
“Yes, do your best!”

Sei seemed to have regained his composure and, hungry as he was, he resumed eating and even had a second helping of food.
I’m glad. There’s no need to rush, though, you will learn it sooner or later.

The next morning.

“Good morning! Thank you, Miss Mariel! I managed to learn it after training with the guidance of your knowledge! Look.”

Sei, who looked radiant, took out a Japanese sword… Yahatulian sword?
Eh, you were able to learn it with that explanation!?
Isn’t Sei quite a cheater himself!?
… Rather, Sei, as I said, carrying weapons is forbidden!
Put it away… I mean, leave it in your room~!

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