Chapter 545.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s learn!
The next day’s breakfast was simply miso soup, omelet, grilled sharken, and rice.
I had previously baked a batch of grilled sharken and stored it in my inventory, so I only had to take it out right before serving to eat it freshly grilled.
Inventory is really convenient.

After everyone was seated, we started eating with “Itadakimasu” as a signal.

“That reminds me… hey, Sei. Are you unable to use Inventory?”
“Inventory. A spatial storage.”
“Ahh, you mean the one you often use?”

I was concerned after his herbs had wilted a bit during yesterday’s harvesting, so I asked him about it, but judging by this response, he hasn’t mastered it.

“I heard that not many people can use spatial storage…”
“Ah, I can use it.”
“Of course, I can use it as well.”

Mariel-chan raised her hand and Ruby followed suit, holding up a vegetable stick that had been cut into decorative pieces just for her.
Mariel-chan learned to use Inventory in order to stock up on the Japanese food I make for her…

“Ruby-dono aside, Miss Mariel, you can use it too!? Ahh… so that’s why your herbs were so fresh yesterday. I thought you had your own magic bag, just like Miss Alicia…”
“Nono, magic bags are luxury items, it’s wasteful for someone like me. I was just pretending by using a regular bag as a cover.”
“I see, so that’s how it is… that means.”

Sei took a glance and Byakko-sama, Kurogane, and others.
Oh, the Sacred Beasts can all use it, right?

“I’m the only one who can’t use a spatial storage?”

Sei put his bowl on the table with his shoulders slumped.
It would be more unusual if he could use Inventory, but it’s kind of sad that he’s the only one here who can’t use it.
I can understand that feeling.

“Well, maybe it’s time for you to learn! If you have an Inventory, you can stock up on weapons all you want, and if you’d like, you can learn how to use warp, too.”

Byakko-sama patted Sei on the shoulder and said something dangerous. Weapons…?

“Oi, Tora. I don’t intend on becoming a concealed weapons user, okay? I’m still practicing self-defense, I don’t need to do more than that, do I?”



“Sei-san, are you carrying a weapon? Private fighters are forbidden in the academy, and carrying weapons is supposed to be regulated…”

Mariel-chan warned Sei with a wry smile.

Indeed. The majority of the students in the academy are not allowed to carry weapons. Most of the students at the academy are children of noble families, and an armed assault could lead to serious consequences, so basically, permission is required to even possess a weapon.
Even with magic, if you use it to hurt someone, you could be suspended from the academy or even expelled…

“Oh, even though it’s a weapon, it’s for self-defense only.”

Saying that, he untied a tie from his hair to show us. It looked like it had a piano wire-like steel thread woven into it, and he also showed us blades that protruded from the tips and heels of his shoes… he was a splendid, concealed weapons user.

“T, that’s incredible, yes…”

Mariel-chan stared fixedly, as if her inner cosplayer had awakened.

“If you want to be prepared for assassination attempts, this is about as good as it gets…”
“Oh, I mean, if you are going to pursue a Knights Course, you might as well be prepared for that.”

Mariel-chan doesn’t know that Sei is the illegitimate son of the current Emperor of Yahatul and a candidate for the next Emperor, and that his stepmother, who wants her son to become the Emperor, is trying to kill him.
Sei accidentally spilled the beans because we are all friends here, so he was in a hurry to cover it up.

I see, it’s not like he’s safe because he’s at the academy… I didn’t think Sei was still on his guard because he doesn’t act like that when he’s in the special dorms or with us…

“But indeed, with spatial storage, I can carry a bigger weapon on my person… I could even carry a sword… alright, I better give it a try.”
“Ohh, let’s hold a special training after today’s lessons then!”
“Let’s do that, Tora. I will be relying on you.”
“Leave it to me!”

No, well, carrying weapons is forbidden, and I don’t think the muscle-headed Byakko-sama is the best choice to be Sei’s instructor…

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