Chapter 544.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Currying Favor
Maybe we could make curry a once a month thing here, in the special dorm?
Mariel-chan, who was shocked when she heard about the ingredients for the curry powder, asked if she could sell it at her family’s company, when I suggested doing a curry day once a month. “Such a high-class meal at the school…!? No, it should be the meal of commoners to begin with… however, curry powder is considered high-class ingredient here… ahhhh, but I want to eat it…!” She was in agony.
For the time being, we agreed to have curry-flavored soups, stir-fries, and other menu items that can be done with a little curry powder.

After returning to my room, I brushed Kurogane, Mashiro, and Kaguya after taking a bath.
I don’t take care of them properly, so they say I’m cheating on them.
I need to brush them carefully and get rid of such suspicions!

“Do you have an itch anywhere~?”
(Mhm… no problem. Ah, please brush harder there.)
“Yes, yes.”
(Cristea~ I’m next! Do your favorite mofumofu to me?)
“O… okay.”

Ugh, that Mashiro, he was resting his upper body on my lap and looking up at me like that!
You little, you littleee!
After this, I brushed them so hard.
They both became shiny and fluffy.
I was satisfied, and so were they.

Then I picked up Kaguya, who was curled up asleep on her special basket, put her on my lap and started brushing her.

“Thank you for always accompanying Suzaku-sama.”

According to Miria, when I am not in class, Suzaku-sama catches her quite often and uses her as a dress-up doll.
Around the time before Sei entered the school, he began to refuse to take the form of “O-Sei-chan” who was cute like a doll, saying “I don’t want to disguise as a female anymore,” so her desire to see cute kimono worn turned to Kaguya.

(Hmph, if you think so, then add more okaka to my meals.)
“Yes, yes.”
(… Well, these days, she’s in a good mood as long as I play with her. I’m not as scared of her as I was in the beginning.)
“That’s good to hear.”

The four Divine Beasts that serve Sei seem “frightening” to a Magic Beast like Kaguya, so it was very difficult in the beginning.
But why is it that she doesn’t feel so much fear towards Kurogane and Mashiro, who are also Sacred Beasts?


(Those guys who are existences close to deities and these guys are of a different status. It’s instinctive, so I can’t explain it well…)
“Hmm, I get it yet don’t get it…”
(I can’t have a tiny beast like you to see me this lightly, you know?)
(Me too.)

The two stood up and intimidated Kaguya.


I patted Kaguya, who couldn’t even scream, to calm her down.

“Hey now, didn’t I tell you two that you cannot fight?”

I scolded them and they sat down reluctantly.

(We became Sacred Beasts much later than they did, so it can’t be helped.)
(Yeah. But, we will fight them if it means protecting you, Cristea.)
(Of course.)
“No, there’s no reason to fight, okay!?”

Why are you guys so belligerent!?
Even though Byakko-sama and Leon-sama give off such carefree impression.
… I wonder if that’s the difference between them.
While thinking such, the two who seemed to guess my thoughts have gotten sulky, so I was stuck with massaging them for longer.
… I, I’m so tired…!
To be honest, this was probably harder than harvesting…

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